February 20 marked the 30th anniversary of the NWA World Championship match between Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat.

That match took place at WCW’s Chi-Town Rumble event in 1989. The bout was an instant classic and is still remembered to this day as perhaps the greatest pro wrestling match of all time. The match was the first of a trilogy that featured three of the best in wrestling history.

The final two bouts happened at Clash of the Champions and at WrestleWar. All three matches succeeded because of the connection that Flair and Steamboat had between the ropes.

Steamboat and Flair indeed had amazing chemistry and it was that chemistry that made them so much fun to watch. They told captivating stories in the ring and entertained fans all around the world in the process.

The Dragon and The Nature Boy were career-long rivals and it was this match that cemented Steamboat as a top level main event star, a status that he maintained throughout his pro wrestling run.

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