Reby Sky appeared on Busted Open with Doug Mortman and Dave Lagreca, which can be heard Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Sirius 94 XM 208. Highlights from her interview on Wednesday are as follows:

Reby on Matt Hardy’s online videos: “Before he posts every video I give him a talk, and I don’t want to feel like his mother or babysitter or council, but I say Matt maybe this isn’t a good idea. I tell him what I think about it, why I think that way, and he will either take it and say “okay, maybe not” or he will put it up anyway. He’s going to do what he’s going to do. He’s a very strong personality, and obviously that has gotten him to where he’s at now, that’s part of it. He does have a good formula, he takes it a little too far sometimes and gets a little caught up in the attention, but I think now he’s going to be a little smarter about what he posts.”

Reby on the rumors that she led police to Matt’s drugs: “It’s just so frustrating, because they just released something that was completely not what I said. It’s pretty clear that Matt’s been needing help, and the other day he was in a bad way and I called for help. Cops came, and all these reports are saying that I led them to some secret cave that contained prescription pills. They never found any prescription pills at all in the house, what they found was steroids. After having to go to the police station to sign all these papers, I come back to my house upside down, there is five men in my kitchen and I am being interrogated. Everything that they needed to find was already found. So it is just a whole bunch of hate mail: Reby you snitch, you’re a rat. At the end of the day I just wanted Matt to get help, I called for Matt to get help, and guess what? He left this morning for WWE sponsored rehab. He is getting help.”

Reby on the Jeff Hardy taser incident: “I have to laugh, because I guess just being in it, it was done for a project called The Hardy Show, which you can find at It’s a variety show with skits, and parodies and stuff like that, it’s kind of like a Jackass program. That was filmed for part of a Hardy show episode. And I guess with all the Jeff stuff that was going on at the time, and the way it was spun, it was in retrospect maybe not the best idea for people who aren’t aware of The Hardy Show and the content that is on there. But like I said, from now on everyone is going to be a lot more careful with anything video wise or Twitter or anything going up on the net.”

Reby on Matt Hardy returning to the ring: “A full time wrestling schedule is definitely not in the picture from now on. If you ask him, that’s what he will say led to this whole thing, the full time wrestling schedule and the toll on his body and the sacrifices he had to make. Not that I am justifying anything he has done, because I am definitely not. I will say it over and over I don’t support what he has done but I will support him in bettering himself.”

Reby on Jeff’s return to the ring: “The whole thing with Jeff, we try not to talk about it to not make Matt feel bad, but everyone is very supportive of Jeff and very happy for him. It’s good that there is someone in the group doing good things, I don’t know how to say it. Jeff is completely 180, just a real standup guy and has been so supportive in trying to help Matt in getting things right. So thank God that he is right next to us, thank God for Jeff.”

*VIDEO* Matt Hardy tasers Reby Sky ->

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