RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

Cole is on announce with Booker and JR, King is selling his injury from Henry. Cole talks up HIAC. There’s a cell hanging above the ring.

Trip out to the ring looking annoyed, but with a slight smirk on his face, and a pretty purple tie. Video of Trip firing R-Truth and Miz last week, then them attacking Trip backstage. Cole says that Trip’s firing them was knee jerk and it took 20 guys to get them off Trip. Why fired right after the fines?

Trip wants to explain. They were fired not because of Trip’s ego or conspiracy theory, but this. Video from R-Truth and Miz saying they have a list of who’s going to get got! Then to the video of both Miz and R-Truth apologizing last week on RAW.

Trip says they’re fired from their own actions. They savagly attacked an official. He knew they were full of crap apologizing. He knew he was firing them, but used them for one more main event, then fired him. There’s a $150,000 fine, but that’s Henry’s for attacking JR and putting King through the table.

No one man is bigger than the WWE. He fired one of his best friends, Kevin Nash, for lying to him and because it was the right thing to do. He doesn’t care if you’ve been there for 10 years, or –

EXCUSE ME!! EXCUSE ME!! She says Dolph has something to say. He tells Trip that for once he’s glad Trip’s talking about what’s right for the company, the business. What’s he doing for Dolph who was attacked by Wolverine. An actor broke his jaw. It’s all over the media. What’s Trip going to do? Pictures of Jackman punching Dolph. Dolph says he’s out there to compete, but he can’t eat solid food. What does Trip plan on doing about this?

Trip doesn’t understand what Dolph wants Trip to do? An actor, from Hollywood came out as a guest and Dolph picked a fight with him. Then Jackman hit Dolph in his glass jaw. He doesn’t know what Dolph wants, but Trip will get security to protect Dolph next month when the Muppets are there.

Up on the stage is Cody saying this is a big joke to Trip. If he laughed at Dolph’s punch to the jaw, then Trip had to be rolling last Friday when Orton maliciously bashed Cody’s skull with the ring bell. He has nine staples in his head. That offense is 100 times more egregious than shoving a ref. So, why wasn’t Orton fined? Punished? Why didn’t Trip do anything?

First off, Trip wishes they’d stapled Cody’s mouth shut. Second, Orton came to this ring a few years ago Orton cuffed Trip to the ring and assaulted his wife – Cody was there ringside. Trip didn’t bitch to VMK, he went and beat Orton’s ass on his front lawn! Man up Cody, it’s not the Boy Scouts. Suck it up!

Christian comes out and cuts Trip off. It’s not his style to butt in, but what happened to Christian last week was much worse. Sheamus came out during his Match and cost Christian the Wolrd Heavyweight Title. He asks how that’s fair.

“It’s a Lumberjack Match, idiot!” It’s the way it works. Christian says he’s had enough. They’ve all had enough! Christian asks them to file the biggest lawsuit in the history of the WWE? Though Christian could change his mind if Christian can have one more Match.

Trip says that’s all he wants, screw these other guys, one more Match. At HIAC Christian has one more Match against Sheamus! This Friday on SD he’ll have one more Match against Orton. And tonight, one more Match against Cena! Christian asks if it’s for the Title. “No.” Christian screams about it being unacceptable.

Dolph says Trip will do the ring thing? Last week Dolph was beat. So tonight he’s facing Ryder for the US Title and is shocked to say he hopes Ryder wins. Then up close to Dolph, in a high voice Trip says, “Woo, woo, woo! You know it!” Dolph’s ticked.

Trip then tells Cody that because he has a zipper in the side of his head tat he can have the night off. Cody, quietly, but still on mic says that Trip should give himself the night off too. Trip doesn’t like that. Cody says, with all due respect, he thinks Trip’s a poor excuse for COO.

Trip says that’s a great idea Cody, he’ll defend the IC Title Match tonight.

Cody says Trip should do the WWE a favor and resign.

Cody would rather a Triple Threat Match? Great.

Cody says that he didn’t say that.

Trip goes on about Cody wanting a Fatal Four way Match! Trip tells Cody to stay where he is, right in the ring. Trip’s going backstage and the first nine guys he sees will be sent to the ring for an IC Title over the top rope Battle Royal. Trip leaves Cody in the ring pacing.


IC Title Battle Royal – Cody vs Zeke vs Gabriel vs Bryan vs JoMo vs Ted vs Drew vs Riley vs Sin Cara vs Sheamus

Most of the wrestlers in the ring, Sin Cara comes out to his music, as does Sheamus.

The faces go after the heels, but Cody slides out under the ropes. Drew is quickly eliminated and is pissed. He gets into it with the refs. The second Sin Cara out to the ring, pulls original Sin Cara out by his ankles and gets in the ring. Bryan immediately eliminates Sin Cara #2 (no little poof of blond hair in the back). Flying hurricanrana from Sin Cara #1 to #2. He’s pissed that he couldn’t get back in.

Ted goes out and forces Cody back into the Match. Gabriel over the top, skins the can and pulls Riley out to the apron by Gabriel. Sheamus eliminates both from the apron with a brogue kick and blows. Big Zeke then eliminates both JoMo and Bryan together as if it’s nothing.

Zeke and Sheamus start fighting in the center of the ring as Ted works over Cody in a corner. Ted out of the corner and attacks Sheamus. Ted ends up sitting up top and Cody pushes him off and out with. Cody then goes after Sheamus. Cody on Zeke. Zeke sends Cody over, but Cody is able to keep his feet up. Zeke rushes Cody who low bridges the top rope sending Zeke out to the floor.

Clotheslines to Cody. Sheamus gets Cody up for the Celtic cross. Christian out to ringside to mess with Sheamus. Cody ducks Sheamus’ brogue kick. This was obviously supposed to send Sheamus to the apron, but he got all tied up in the ropes and it looks like a comedy of errors seeing Sheamus trying to get where he needed to be. Cody’s mask comes off and he rushes Sheamus with it, but Sheamus blocks the blow and nails Cody with a head butt! A kick to Christian outside, but then Cody knocks Sheamus from the apron to win and retain.

Winner – Cody

After the Match Christian pushes Sheamus into a post. Christian goes off on Sheamus about how it feels to lose a Title.


Cole talks about Trip losing control. Those ringside are now being protected. JR talks about how King came to his aid, but got into trouble himself. Video of Henry’s attack on JR and King. JR says King should be back next Monday on RAW. Cole says King has bruised ribs and suffering from anal bleeding.

Otunga – wearing an olive green shirt and dark red bow tie) in ripping on Laurinaitis about Trip being “arbitrary and capricious” and that Laurinaitis needs to do something about it! Laurinaitis reminds Otunga that he’s a Harvard graduate, so do something. Otunga has a law degree from Harvard Law (passed the bar in Illinois – worked for a law firm in Chicago). A lot of Superstars have come to him over this. Laurinaitis says he’ll exert his influence, this mollifies Otunga briefly.

Video about Kelly. How hot she is and who else thinks she’s hot. On The Price Is Right, then Divas Champion after pinning a Bella.

Divas Tag Match – Kelly & Eve vs Natalya & Beth

Kelly and Eve out in green. Beth and Natalya out in black. Video of Eve and Kelly defeating Natalya and Beth last week.

Beth on Eve with an arm hold. Hammer lock on Eve, then a back elbow. Eve kicks Beth in the face. Natalya tags in, the double team putting Eve high in the air, then dropping her. Natalya ties Eve into this amazing hold, but Eve keeps her shoulders up somehow. Beth tags in and chokes Eve in the ropes. Eve blocks Beth and is able to tag out. Kelly flies with a press, the robotically sets up for her tilt-a-whirl head scissors sending Beth into a corner. Handspring back elbow into a running bulldog, but Natalya breaks the count. Natalya in, then Eve, but Eve is sent out and Kelly sends Natalya out. Finally Beth is able to get Kelly up and hit a glam slam for three.

Winners – Beth & Natalya

Beth and Natalya leave the ring smiling and gloating. Video of the submission on Eve and the finisher on Kelly.

Henry’s music and he comes out, almost blocking a whole camera. Henry comes stomping out to the ring looking really pissed.


Henry vs Khali

Henry attacks Khali with the Title belt before the bell, then lifts him and hits his strongest slam. Henry then yells that if he’s paying a fine, then everybody will pay! Henry leave up the ramp telling fans that their belts are fake and his is real.

Winner – N/A

Backstage Cena is heading for the ring.


Cena to the ring. He looks up at the cell that has been partially lowered over the ring. He poses with his strap for the fans. Cena’s getting some serious pop, so he’s sucking it up in a big way. He says that judging by their reaction, they’ll love this. This Sunday Cena goes to hell! The first Triple Threat HIAC Match. Why a Match of this magnitude? It’s necessary. This belt is surrounded by controversy. The second Punk won it at MITH, to ADR cashing in to wearing it, to Cena winning it for a record beaking 10th time – heat for this! Sunday when the cell is locked, the controversy is over.

Why HIAC? It’s a brutal problem solver. Cena then talks about how big and scary the cell is. The three biggest forces will step in on Sunday and make history. Welcome to HIAC. Welcome to the Devil’s playground. He could go on and on for hours, but will be short and will state what will happen. Sunday he won’t walk, he’ll run Devil’s playground. He’ll look Satan in the eye and asks if that’s all he’s got. He’s been through Hell, that’s why he holds the Title and there’s no way in hell he will lose it. Mixed reaction to this.

Christian vs Cena

ADR’s music and he walks out to the ring, slowly – then over to announce. Then Punk cimes out in an ugly blazer (his announcer jacket ) over his ring gear. Punk heads over to the other side of announce as Cole talks up Punk’s announce skills to Booker. Christian comes out to the ring and right in to Cena.

Cena ducks Christian, then on him with blows and a body drop. Christian comes back with a beautiful DDT off the corner as ADR and Punk thow insults about what each other are, or are not, wearing at announce. Christian pins for two, then they show how high Christian was from cena’s body drop. Christian pulls Cena up, but then into a suplex. Punk and ADR scream about HIAC.

Christian off the top with a missile dropkick, then on Cena with blows. Punk says he’s been in a HIAC with Taker, ADR hasn’t ever been in one, but that doesn’t matter to him. Christian up and flies, but splashes the mat when Cena moves. Shoulder blocks, but Christian reverses the slam and gives Cena two boots to the mouth when Cena rushes him. 5 Knuckle Shuffle in what Cole calls ‘vintage’ Cena.

Christian flees the ring, but Cena out after him ans Clotheslines Christian onto announce. ADR pushes Punk as announces scatter. Christian and Cena back in, but ADR in and kicks Cena in the back of the head.

Winner – Cena via DQ?

Punk rushes the ring, but ADR flees too fast. ADR with a mic says it’s his destiny to beat the hell out of them and become the Champion. After that everyone there can go to hell. Cena and Punk stand in the ring totally pissed as they stare up at ADR on stage.


IC Title Match – Dolph Ziggler ( c) w/ Vickie & Swagger vs Ryder

Ryder out to the ring with that goofy grin. Dolph out as Vickie holds back behind with Swagger. Video of Hugh Jackman last week and how he got into it with Dolph, ending in Dolph losing to Ryder via DQ and eating Jackman’s fist.

Kicks and stomps to Ryder. Elbow drop to Ryder’s back. Splash on Ryder in a corner. Dolph then stomps Ryder in the center of the ring. Dolph on Ryder in a corner. Ryder moves and Dolph eats the corner. Two handed clotheslines to Dolph, then Dolph is down in a corner. Ryder kicks Dolph in the face. Dolph ducks the rough ryder, Swagger attacks Ryder as Vickie distracts the ref, then Dolph with the three over Ryder.

Winner – Dolph

Vickie, Dolph and Swagger in the ring, ready to beat down Ryder, but a boom hits and Air Boom rush the ring. Vickie and the heels flee. Out comes Teddy Long. He tells Vickie she has five minutes to tag with Dolph and Swagger for a Six Man Tag Match. As RAW goes to commercial Vickie is running up the ramp to find someone, anyone!


6 Man Tag Match – Air Boom (Evan & Kofi) & Ryder vs Swagger & Dolph w/ Vickie &

Vickie hasn’t shown up with a third partner, so Kofi and Swagger start. Swagger on Kofi with blows, then face first in a corner. Kofi starts to fight back, floats over and hits a standing dropkick for two. Evan tags in and comes off the top on Swagger who was holding Kofi in the ropes. Evan on Swagger, working him over in a corner. Dolph tags in and on Evan with blows to the body. Neck breaker on Evan, then Dolph chokes Evan with a foot. Booker says that Vickie is big boned and he likes big boned women (how slim is Booker’s wife?). Swagger tags in and continues working over Evan’s body. Swagger takes Evan down for two. Chicken wings on Evan as Swagger pulls the arms back on the mat, but Evan won’t give up. Knee to Evan’s gut, then Evan lands his gut on Swagger’s knee. Evan rides Swagger down, then tags in Kofi. Kofi flies off the top, then a couple standing dropkicks to Swagger. Kofi with ten blows in a corner.

Suddenly Vickie comes out and who’s by her side but Mason Ryan! Kofi pins Swagger for two. Evan tags in and take Swagger down for two. Evan splashes Swagger in a corner. Kofi tags in and splashes Swagger in a corner for two. Swagger back on Kofi with blows, but then Ryder tags in. Ryder on Swagger with blows, but then right into a huge clothesline from Swagger.

Ryan tags in, but then clotheslines Swagger, a number of times. Then Ryan takes Dolph apart as Vickie freaks outside the ring. Ryder is the legal man, hits the rough ryder on Dolph for three.

Winners – Ryder & Kofi & Evan

Ryan is smiling down at the ring as Vickie freaks outside and Kofi celebrates with Evan and Ryder. Looks as though Ryan has returned as a face? Vickie continues to screech at Swagger outside the ring as Dolph staggers to his feet.


Video about HIAC. They show some of the past highlights – Foley through announce, Rikishi into the back of a hay filled truck, etc. The announcers go through the matches slated for the HIAC PPV.

Backstage Otunga is talking to Vickie, Dolph, Cody and Christian about Trip making rash decisions, dangerous to all of them. Otunga says under the Occupation Health and Safety Act of 1970, these are unsafe working conditions. He sites a case. Otunga says Laurinaitis will do something about this, gave his word, but they have to protect themselves. He doesn’t know if a lawsuit is the way to go, but if it is, they have to stick together. They all agree. Otunga says they have a lot to go over.

Justin announces Ricardo. He announces ADR who drives out in a Lambo Spyder V10 – according to Cole.


CM Punk vs ADR

ADR is in the ring. Video of the altercation at announce earlier in the show. Cena’s music and he’s heading for announce. Cena is keeping his eyes on ADR. Punk comes out to the ring, sans announce jacket.

Punk after ADR with blows and kicks, ADR avoids as much as possible. The fans behind Punk. Arm hold on ADR, Punk works him over, then sends him out through the ropes. After the apron Punk drops an elbow on ADR. Over to announce when Punk sends ADR directly at Cena. Cena to his feet, but no altercation happens. Punk sends ADR back in the ring, then a look over his shoulder at Cena. Into the ring ADR does something to Punk off camera. Knee to pnk’s chin, then choked in the ropes. Punk into a corner, then ADR stomps him down. ADR rushes Punk and slaps his hip for the sound of the kick. The camera zoomed in on ADR caught the hip slap in a big way.

ADR chokes Punk in the ropes again. Kicks and blows to Punk in that corner, but then backed off. ADR rushes in again and Punk moves. Punk beats ADR down in that corner. Punk elevated over the ropes, but stays on the apron. ADR hits Punk with his head kick and Punk to the floor.


Punk runs into feet in a corner. Punk sets up for GTS but eats a DDT for two. Another kick to Punk’s head for two. ADR is trying to get Punk’s arm free, but Punk ends up in an arm bar. Punk throws some blows to get free. Punk turns and rushes ADR, but ends up shoulder to the post. ADR back on that left shoulder that hit the post. ADR gets admonished for hair pulling, then Punk gets free. Kicks to ADR, but comes back with a clothesline on Punk for two. ADR rushes Punk in the ropes, but Punk moves and ADR slides out through the ropes. Punk gets hung up on the top rope, but ADR back in eats a boot for two.

Punk on ADR with blows and kicks, but ADR back on the arm for two. ADR with Punk’s left arm on the mat. To their feet and Punk gets free with headbutts. Swinging neck breaker on ADR! Both men down. Punk tries to work out that arm. Both up, Punk on ADR with blows and kicks. Beautiful drop kick to ADR, right on the chin. Punk with his ‘vintage’ high knee in the corner, but then ADR hits an arm cracker on Punk’s left. ADR sets up for his finisher, but Punk reverses out and a couple kicks later pins ADR for three.

Winner – Punk

Ricardo in to attack Punk, but Punk fluffs him off. Cena up and backs Ricardo to the ring. The cage drops and locks Ricardo in with Cena and Punk. GTS to Ricardo, then an AA. Cena and Punk try for their finishers on each other. Neither can do it, but then ADR is there with a chair! Where did he come from? He beats both Punk and Cena down with the chair. ADR sets up a chair in a corner and sends Punk into it. A chair blow to Cena’s back, then Punk’s back. ADR poses with the chair and gets huge heat for it.

Biggest pop
Biggest heat

Most mixed

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