This first post WrestleMania RAW starts with video clips from Taker and HBK’s fabulous match at WM. “HBK” chants at the ends after he lost.

Music and pyro.

King and Cole talk about HBK losing last night and that he’ll bid farewell to the WWE Universe tonight. Many HBK signs in the stands.

Batista’s music and he comes out looking rather surly. He removes his sunglasses and yells over at someone about something on stage. Glasses back on and he slowly goes down to the ring in his black jeans, black shirt completely unbuttoned, chain and big belt buckle glinting. Some heat for Batista in the ring. He says he knows that all of you… The heat gets huge. A couple of loud “you suck” yells and chants. He knows he’s expected to throw a fit about last night, but he won’t give us the satisfaction. It was a blip, a fluke! No one will even remember. HUGE “You tapped out!” chants. Off came the glasses and says he’s entitled to a rematch. He doesn’t care what happened at WM, Cena can’t beat him. Of course Cena’s music hits and he comes out all smiles pointing to his strap held out awkwardly, rather than over a shoulder, hanging open, around his waist, something! Cena said there’s still a lot of WM energy leftover, that’s for sure. Going into WM there was a guy in a black shirt or leather vest who said Cena couldn’t beat Batista. Guess that guy missed WM because Cena did beat Batista. And after all that talk of wanting that match at WM… “You tapped out!” chants/ after demanding the match at WM and saying he was the face of the company. Well if the face of the company looks like this – horrible funny face – he tapped out. “You tapped out!” chants. Cena loves this! He said they all must have seen WM, it was awesome, he tapped out. No one will forget WM, it lives forever! But tonight will go down in history. HBK will write his final chapter. Batista can write a new chapter by regaining the WWE Champion. Rematch on possibly the most memorable RAW ever. HBK’s farewell, Batista versus Cena for the WWE Championship. Cena’s been down this road before and it’s usually when the other guys says not tonight. Cena says for once to do something different, give the fans what they want. Say yes, let’s have the rematch! “You suck Dave!” screams a fan. Batista asks if the fans want to see the rematch. They do. He says not tonight. Cheap shot from Batista, but Cena starts cleaning his clock and Batista fled. Cheers, but then behind Cena is Swagger! The briefcase to Cena’s back. He keeps Cena with the briefcase. Swagger leaves the ring, grabs a mic ans says he’s cashing in. Cena gets up and grabs Swagger who flees. Swagger starts back tracking. The ref asked Swagger if he wants to cash and he doesn’t. the bell didn’t ring, the match didn’t start, the cash in didn’t happen. Swagger fled up the ramp. Cena gets his strap from the ref and leaves.

King and Cole talk about Taker and HBK last night. Night will be HBK’s final farewell, but first clips of his career starting with his debut in the WWE on June 18, 1988! Marty Jannetty was there with him as The Rockers.

– Commercial

Video stills from last night of the Orton Vs. Cody Vs. Ted Triple Threat Match.

Ted DiBiase’s music! I mean The Million Dollar Man! Nick Bockwinkel, I.R.S., Pat Patterson and Arn Anderson come out with him! Then Piper’s music! He calls out Sarge, Tony Garea, Ricky Steamboat! King says one legend is missing, so he goes up to join them leaving the ‘Vintage’ man by himself at announce. Justin announces Rob Corddry and Clark Duke from Hot Tub Time Machine. Clark says tonight’s main event will be Swagger and Batista against Cena and a partner of his choosing. Rob says the other main event will be him and Clark against the Divas! Everyone’s invited! No, kidding, it will just be them and the girls. They do have something special tonight. Clark said tonight’s first match should be a Legends LumberJack Match. The first competitor is Christian! He comes out to the ring with some applause from some of the face Legends, like Ricky! Then Ted DiBiase comes out to face him, pat, I.R.S. and his father are thrilled.

– Commercial

Christian avoids a move then rolls Ted up for two. Bitch slap to Christian, Christian bitch slaps back to drop Ted. Christian send Ted out. The faces, including Piper, nicely send Ted back in. Ted drops Christian and covers for two. Ted punches Christian down in a corner. Christian punched back and climbed. Ted out of the way and Christian landed. Ted kicked Christian in the head and pinned for two. Christian avoids a move, drops Ted and pins for two. Again Christian drops Ted for two. Christian up top but Ted grabs a leg and slams him down. Ted for dreams streets but Christian got out. Christian kicks Ted in the head in a corner then flies at Ted. Christian misses the kill switch. Ted clotheslines Christian out. Both out and this starts a fight between the old guys. Garea punches I.R.S. kill switch on Ted and Christian gets the three.

– Winner: Christian

The faces all hug Christian and escort him from ringside raising his arms and celebrating. Ted Sr. in the ring to his son. Helps his son to his feet, but Ted pushes his father slightly. Ted has a tiny cut on his forehead. Sr. looks down lost as his son stomps off.

Another HBK video. January 11, 1992 HBK sent Marty through the ‘window’ of the Barber Shop with sweet chin music destroying their partnership. He was a much younger and angrier HBK back then.

Backstage HHH is heading for the ring looking thoughtful.

– Commercial

King and Cole joke about WM week and all the interesting things that happened. They go to video about WM All Axxess. Many of the wrestlers out with the fans. They went golfing – Miz, Sarge and Santino. The Reading Challenge – Morrison was thrilled.

Clark and Rob are backstage in robes Santino shows up and says not to worry. They’re ready to get in the hot tub with the Divas. The one who stays in the tub with them the longest wins. One Bella asked what they win. The other suggested a Diva Championship Match. They agreed. In they climbed their white pasty bodies with Rosa and Tiffany and the Bellas. Out came the champagne and lots of talk about how easy the match was.

HHH out in street clothes, blue jeans and a HHH t-shirt. On the stage he looked around. “Triple H” chants started, but didn’t last. He says it’s kind of a surreal night. End of an era, you know what I mean. he never thought it would end this way for Shawn. He knew HBK could beat Taker. He didn’t think it would happen this way. The end of an era. Seems like just yesterday he walked in to the WWE seeing HBK in overalls, no shirt, pants tucked into his boots, his gold nugget jewelry and bad mullet haircut. But they took on the world, didn’t they Bud? A lot of times all they had was each other, but they took on the world. They fought everybody, side by side, back to back, sometimes face to face. They always fought for each other and with each other. Then HHH said there’s always this and threw up the ‘Wolf Pac’ sign!!! And when that was gone it was him and Shawn. This is it and he wanted to come out before everything. He then got choked up. He had to stop and he had tear in his eyes. “HBK” chants. Before everything else started tonight, before it all happens, just wanted to come out and say there’s something he’s always wanted to say to Shawn and never said it, but wanted to say it now. Then HHH fell forward. Sheamus behind HHH with a big metal pipe in his hand. Huge heat on Sheamus as HHH doesn’t move in the top of the ramp. “You suck!” chants. HHH doesn’t move. One ass yells, “What you want to tell him?” “Sheamus sucks!” and “Triple H” chants. Trainers out to work on HHH as they go to commercial. HHH is selling well as he still hasn’t moved a muscle!

– Commercial

Video of Sheamus attacking HHH from behind. From that angle it’s obvious that Sheamus didn’t touch HHH with the pipe.

Kelly’s music she comes out in pink, Gail Kim in yellow, Beth in black and gold, Mickie in black and teal and Eve in gold. Maryse in blue, Fox in black, Michelle in green and white, Layla in purple and black and Vickie in a black track suit. Video stills of Vickie pathetic frog splash at WM.
Maryse and Eve start this WM Rewind Match. Maryse showed off and Eve rolled her for three.

– Winner: Eve, Mickie, Beth, Kelly & Kim

Vickie steps into the ring and thinks the rest of the heels are behind her. She realizes she’s the only one mouthing off to the faces and tries to flee. They all grab her and strip off her hoodie, but nothing else. Then the heels in and they all attack. The faces gain the upper and get rid of the rest. The heels flee as the faces laugh and celebrate.

HBK video from WM10, 1994. HBK and Razor Ramon faced off in the first Ladder Match in the WWE and is still considered to be the ladder match to beat. They both left it all in the ring. HBK says they felt they did something special when it was all over.

Backstage Bret Hart is heading for the ring.

– Commercial

HBK video from WM12 1996. HBK was in an Iron Man Match with Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. HBK repelled into the ring, won the title and cried in the center of the ring with the strap.

Bret Hart comes out to the ring. (If you haven’t gone to see the video of HBK backstage after last night’s match, go see it if only to see HBK and Bret – what a touching moment.) Off come the glasses and he congratulates HBK on an epic storybook career. Nobody knows better than him that he’s not only one of the best Bret stepped in the ring with, but one of the best of all time. Bret wishes him the best in the future. When Bret came back to the WWE it was HBK who said good things would happen. He was right. He found the closure he needed, but it took a little longer than expected. It was a great feeling to beat the holy hell out of Vince at WM. Not only did Bret beat Vince, Bret’s whole family beat Vince. He knows up in heaven are his Mom, his Dad, Owen and The British Bulldog. He could feel them sending waves of high fives. This has been a great time for the Hart family. “Owen” chants rock the place! Bret opens his jacket to show his shirt has a picture of himself and Owen clutched tightly. It wasn’t too long ago he thought he’d be leaving the WWE with a bad taste in his mouth. Now all he tastes is joy and satisfaction. For himself and the whole Hart family, he thanks everyone. All the best, thank you! Standing ovation for Bret, but it’s cut off by Sho-Miz! Miz asks Bret, really? He comes back and beats Vince in a 25 on 1 Handicap Match and he’s happy? He’s a hero! One problem, he’s a thief. Bret’s cost Miz of his time. He’s had to listen to Bret screwed Bret, Bret screwed Vince, Vince screwed Vince. Look at him he the US Champion and the Unified Tag team Champion! He’s the most glorified Champion in the WWE. If anybody deserves to talk about himself it’s not Bret, it’s Miz. Last night in his very first WM match, he won. He’s 1-0, 17 wins away from tying Taker. The fans about fell over this. Miz says not to laugh, he is awesome. Bret’s another word, overrated. His entire family, including his Dad is overrated. He’s the mother overrated there is, was and ever will be. Miz told Bret to get out of his ring before his fist gives his face closure. Bret tells Miz to make him. Miz steps up but Big Show grabs his arms and pulls him back slightly. Big Show steps up and speaks to Bret off mic. But then the Hart Dynasty comes out in white and pale pink. They gather around behind Uncle Bret. Sho-Miz leaves to boos from the fans. Bret asks where those two clowns are going? Why don’t they come back and face the Hart Dynasty so they can embarrass them the way they embarrassed Vince. Big Show and Miz argue on the ramp. Miz talked Big Show into the match.

– Commercial

DH Smith has Miz up in a delayed vertical then suplexes for two. Miz fights back but Smith then clotheslines Miz from the ring. Smith then sends Kidd, who tagged in, out onto Miz. Kidd pins for two. Big Show tags in and Kidd is on him hard! Lots of kicks and punches, but Big Show finally takes the little guy down. Big Show slams Kidd as Miz screams at Big Show. Miz in and slams into Kidd in a corner. Miz covers for two. Natalia slams on the apron to get Kidd going. Kidd up and starts fighting back. Kidd backed into the heel corner, Big Show tags in. Big Show slaps Kidd’s chest and he crumbles! Chinlock on Kidd while he looks over at Smith. The fans get behind Natalia. Miz tags himself in and then takes over on the hold. Kidd rolls through and tags in Smith. Smith tackles Miz and then scoop slams him. Bret tells them to put Miz away. Double team on Miz, then Kidd steps into Miz to lock on the Hart family famous sharpshooter. Big Show grabbed Miz’s arm and pulls him from the ring. The ref starts to count Sho-Miz out. Big Show talks to Miz quietly as they leave. Big Show really goes off on Miz. They get counted out.

– Winners: The Hart Dynasty

Bret in to raise the hands of his kids.

An HBK video about DX, mostly early, but they cut out all the really dirty stuff. Then later DX when they destroyed Vince’s jet and building, HBK hitting sweet chin music on the child and work with Hornswoggle. And them playing Vince and Shane in the ring.

They show, again, the still promo for Batista and Swagger facing Cena and someone. The problem is that Swagger’s “briefcase” was digitally added by someone without a clue. The worst graphic insert I’ve seen by people who are supposed to be professionals! Their work is usually so good!

– Commercial

Clark and Rob backstage. They’re talking about gyrating or something to push the match. Tiffany and Rosa are disgusted. Suddenly on a monitor behind them comes up Craig Robinson. He says he got to the airport but his tickets were for tomorrow and sold out for today. They’re sorry he didn’t make it. He said he might not be there, but he’s still a Special Guest Host. He tells both Bellas they both win and they flee. Now they’re meeting their new opponent in the hot tub. It’s Mark Henry. They decided he’s not ready or qualified. In a little red Speedo, Henry comes in and won’t let Rob leave when he tries. He puts an arm around each. Rob screams something bit him and Hornswoggle comes up in mask and snorkel. Rob says he has really sharp teeth. Hornswoggle slaps his bald head.

Cole says HBK will be bidding farewell. Earlier his best friend was out paying tribute when this happened. Video of Sheamus’ attack on HHH. King called Sheamus gutless for the attack. King says it’s cowardly and not justified.

Swagger out in a new sequined robe, blue inside and red outside. Not at all Flair-ish as it’s solidly covered in sequins, no patterns. Heat for Swagger as he smiles. He sniffs and asks if people can smell it. He sniffs the briefcase and says it smells like money in the bank. He says he told all of us last week that he’d win MITB last week. When he wants something he’s the odds on favorite to get it. Earlier he was messing with Cena. When he really cashes it in he’s the odds on favorite to walk away with the WWE Championship. He holds his case high and glares.

– Commercial

Swagger is still in the ring showing off his case. If it’s been in the air the whole time, I’m sure his arm is hurting! Batista out to tag with him. “You tapped out!” chants. Cena out the ring. Cena tells them to hold on, he has a major announcement. It’s about his partner tonight. Batista will especially recognize him as he’s an old friend of Batista. Orton’s music! Batista looks about to plotz! In the ring they glared.

Cena ready to start with Batista, but he tags Swagger in. Cena on Swagger hard. Into one corner, then another then Cena suplexes Swagger. Orton tags in and stomps his way around Swagger. King taunts Cole who finally says it is ‘Vintage Orton’. HUGE “RKO” chants. Orton was getting ready but Swagger fled the ring.

– Commercial

Swagger on Cena from behind. Swagger utilizing his college wrestling skills. Cena has a hand out, but way too far away form Orton. Cena starts trying to pull Swagger’s hands apart but Swagger suplexes Cena for two. Swagger runs to the corner, bounces up and then splashes Cena for two. “Cena” chants from a few women and children, but it doesn’t last. Batista tags in and whips Cena. Batista stands on Cena’s hand then stomps him. Elbow to Cena’s back. Snap mare and then snapping Cena’s head and kicking him in the head for two. Cena reaches but has no chance. Cena hits Batista a couple times but then runs into a spine buster. Batista shakes the ropes but not with his normal fervor. Cena reverses the Batista bomb set up into a back body drop. Both are down. Orton is reaching and ready. Both men tag out and Orton’s on Swagger fast and hard. His fast scoop slam and then his back breaker for two. Batista breaks it up and then spears Cena. Orton hits an RKO on Batista who rolls out. Then an RKO on Swagger for three.

– Winners: Orton & Cena

Cena and Orton stare off and then Cena backs away. He knows to watch his step with Orton. Cena grabs his strap and leaves Orton to pose. Video of the RKO’s to end the match. Orton with his famous pose in the corner.

Another HBK video. WM25 when he faced off against Taker in that fabulous match.

– Commercial

In the ring Justin announces Shawn Michaels to the ring. He comes out as bouncy and full of it as ever! Hand slaps to the fans, especially kids. Into the ring he has that spring in his step. The fans are hot for him. “HBK” chants. He’s all smiles, and some tears. GONG! Lights on and he looks up to the stage. Lightening and out comes the dead man. Taker stands on the stage and stares. HBK stares back. Taker tips his hat, turns and leaves. HBK’s all teary now. “HBK” chants. He says he doesn’t know what it is he’s going to say tonight. Chants of “Please don’t go!” fill the arena and he’s torn. He said when he was 19 he started doing this stuff. At 23 he started coming into our homes every week. The idea of being 44 and not coming into our homes every week on our TV will be a little hard to get used to. “Thank you Shawn!” chants. He says he appreciates them saying thank you, but he has to thank the fans because we might not understand this, but for the longest time the ring and the fans was all he had, the only place he felt good about him. Tears. Night in and night out the fans were the only ones who made him like him. Huge cheers. He’s crying. He’d like to, there’s so many people he’d like to thank, but he’s afraid of forgetting someone. There’s one guy, you know, Hunter. He ahs to thank Hunter for being his friend when no one else wanted to touch him. Not a lot of people liked him and he wasn’t an easy person to be around. Hunter, you never once left his side. Even more tears running down his face. In this line of work, people talk about how it’s tough to have real friendship. Thanks you Hunter for the real friendship they shared. Another one, this will sound strange, there’s people in the trucks out back, people holding the cameras, Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and the greatest announcer of all time Jim Ross. The fans cheer this. He wants to thank all those guys. They always made him look so much better than he ever was. There’s a crazy red headed kid in Stamford, Connecticut he has to thank. His name is Adam. He’s the guy who puts together most of the videos we’ve seen of him over the years and made him looks so good over the years. Thank you Adam, he made him a superstar. Then, of course… “One more match!” chants started by one guy but the fans grabbed it. HBK says he knows how a lot of people feel about career ending matches. A lot of people are skeptical of his decision. He doesn’t want to go back on his word to the fans or Taker. This garners huge applause. For 20+ years he’s been an open book and doesn’t hide a lot. It’s just easier for him to be who he is. He doesn’t, he wants to honor his word to us and Taker. So he appreciates the chants, but will try to honor his word to make sure that doesn’t happen. “Thank you Shawn!” chants. There’s one other guy he has to thank. He has to thank Bret Hart. He cannot tell us how much back in the 90’s he drove that poor guys crazy. Everything he ever said about HBK, he had every right to say. He wants to thank Bret for forgiving him, for understanding, accepting and believing that he knew he made mistakes and would ever honor his friendship if he ever gave it back and he thanks Bret. Then there’s Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Huge heat. He doesn’t know if he honestly can get in trouble for mentioning that name or not, but it’s his farewells speech and he’ll say what he wants. There’s absolutely no way he could work for anybody else. After you’ve worked for that crazy son of a gun for 20+ years he can never work for anyone else ever again. This got cheers. He has to thank Vince for his patience with him because the only one he drove more crazy than Bret was Vince. He knows he gave HBK the opportunity here to do what he loves to do, but he has to thank him for not allowing him to make even bigger mistakes to be made. He was on a crash course, but if Vince hadn’t kept him in line, he wouldn’t be here. Last but not least is each and every fan. They go wild. “Thank you Shawn!” chants. He’s gotten to travel all over the world and meet millions of people, to listen to us all the majority of his life. Spent more of his adult life with us than his own family. He doesn’t say it with regret. He thanks us for the honor, privilege for showing off in front of us every night of his life. Huge pop. “HBK” chants. Of course, his lord and savior Jesus Christ, thank you for saving him. This about brought the house down. To Rebecca Shayanne and Cameron, babies, Daddy’s coming home. This is how we started and this is how it will end. Ladies and gentlemen, The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels has left the building. He blows kisses and waves to the fans as they cheer the man we all love so much. He puts the mic down in the center of the ring and leaves the ring. On the apron another wave and thanks to the fans. Hand slaps up the ramp as they chant, “HBK”. On the stage he turns and waves and claps. His music starts, more clapping, kisses and then HHH is there from behind. HHH’s face is tear stained as they hug, kiss, talk, hug more. HHH takes out a pair of DX glow sticks. He crosses them high and then leaves them on the stage crossed. Another pat on Shawn and HHH leaves HBK to leave the stage by himself. (The most touching moment I remember on RAW. For me that was better than Flair’s send off, but HBK was my era of wrestling. He was the one I drooled over, adored and totally loved when I was young. He will be missed.)

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

Anyone who doesn’t know a lot about HBK, please check out his new DVD and his DX book with HHH. The DVD is phenomenal and the DX book is shockinly good and informative. I got the book for Christmas and treasure it. I bought the DVD for myself and it was worth every penny. Shawn Michaels will be missed terribly. RAW just won’t be the same without HBK.

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