Designer label PPQ took the Dutch media by storm when they presented their AW10 collection during fashion platform Boutyq. Hosted by Mynth Events and Wella Professionals, Boutyq showcased a style experience for the who’s who of the Dutch fashion scene featuring PPQ and Dutch designer Sjaak Hullekes.

  Taking place for the second time, last season Jade Jagger and Tony Cohen presented their collections on Boutyq’s catwalk. Dutch designer Sjaak Hullekes is becoming a household name in the Dutch fashion industry, and took home the Mercedes-Benz Dutch Fashion Award in 2009. Being his own muse, Hullekes focuses on high quality and designs for the modern dandy.

Known for their signature smock dresses and mini cocktail dresses, designer duo PPQ also made name with their celeb following including Peaches, Pixi, Alexa Chung and Fearne Cotton to name but a few. Percy Parker and Amy Molyneaux are the creative force behind PPQ. Founded in 1992, the label opened their first flagship store in a Grade II listed four-storey Georgian town house in Mayfair in September 2006.

With Boutyq, Mynth Events aims to organise a high profile and directional fashion concept. Besides offering the top-notch of the Dutch fashion industry, the organisation selects an international designer for a total style experience.

Q&A with PPQ

FashionUnited: Where do you take your inspiration from?
PPQ: Inspiration for PPQ comes form a whole host of things, our collective nature and tight group of friends means we are constantly being inspired and provoked to have new ideas. Show names can come from conversations with people, music we hear places we go to etc. It should never stop.

FU: Can you describe your creative process, where do you start?
PPQ: Our creative processes are going off all the time; we have our main line collection and then love to collaborate with other people to make new interesting products.

FU: What does London mean to you in terms of creativity?
PPQ: London is where we are from so it is particularly important to us. London is a special place in terms of freeness to create. There are lots of cities who portray an artistic community, but London is unique in the support it offers from all aspects to help a new idea become real.

FU: Dutch Fashion Award winner Sjaak Hullekes will also show during Boutyq. Do think there is a typical ‘Dutch’ way of designing?
PPQ: I think a good designer will always have aspects of their homeland inside them, as they will be influenced growing up and vacuuming in all the ideas around them, turning it into a product later on. Even if this is in the form of rebellion.

FU: How would you describe your style?
PPQ: We look to our interesting friends when it comes to style; they have amazing street style and are all quite unique. Sometimes nuts, but that’s ok.

FU: Will PPQ expand into the Dutch market?
PPQ: Coming to do the Boutyq show with Mynth events is PPQ’s first step into the Dutch market.

FU: What can we expect from PPQ in the future?
PPQ: An on going exploration in to the PPQ lifestyle.

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