— The promotional poster for Survivor Series has been released and it features DX. Click here to see it. The event will take place on November 22th at the Verizon Center in Washingston D.C. (Thanks to FNLUTTE.com)

— WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts is apparently upset over reports saying he scolded new ring announcer Lauren Mayhew at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping over flubbing her cues. Roberts wrote the following on his Twitter account: yesterday: “SO funny (& disturbing) reading “news” on the Internet which is why I quit reading/watching any news. 90% is speculation and opinion… So 90% is false. Smackdown was AWESOME last night as it is every week. No scolding of any kind and everyone did the job theywere booked 2 do.”

— The WWE website has posted new photos of Melina.

See THE ROCK’S promo from SmackDown (>>)

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