London scarf and tie brand Peckham Rye recently opened the doors of its first store this week. The new Peckham Rye boutique is located in Newburg Street, the fashion quarter of the Carnaby Street estate.

David Walker, MD of the brand, said: “Although Peckham Rye is just a small firm, and is still relatively new to the market, the wholesale and web business has proven that there is a big demand for a stand alone store stocking the entire collection, which ranges from scarves, ties, to shirts, bandanas, tee-shirts and more.”

He added: “Stockists are from ‘Times Square to Red Square and onto Tokyo’, which is due to its unique British look coupled with the authentic London background of the designers and company.”

Peckham Rye is considered as one of the leading British designer brands for scarves and ties capturing the London look.

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