The aide believes all the media madness would’ve been avoided had Meghan and Harry chosen to keep the Duchess of Sussex’s extended family clued-in during the early stages of their engagement.

“The trouble stemmed from well before the wedding when there must have been an opportunity for Harry and Meghan to pay a private visit to her father. This was long before he started giving interviews.”

“I also think the Palace should have invited the whole Markle family; they wouldn’t all have come and it would made them feel included and less likely to make the negative comments they have been making.”

Another aide echoed these sentiments, explaining that the means to any end with Thomas is in Meghan’s hands.

“It’s too late now for equerries or go-betweens to get to Mr. Markle, it’s up to Meghan. She clearly loves him enough to have wanted him at her wedding so she needs to go and spend time with him.”

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Of course, this plan of action introduces a new realm of what-ifs.

“Clearly there is an issue of trust – will he blab about everything to the next microphone put under his nose? But he didn’t talk to the media for a long time earlier on. I would be encouraging her to say to him, ‘Daddy, you are part of the family, come and meet everyone and we will put something in place for you.’”

Paging Dr. Phil …

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