A man was killed and 10 people were injured in a freak accident after cars hit a group of wild boars crossing a motorway in northern Italy.

The pile-up happened when a car hit the wild pigs as they crossed the A1 motorway near the town of Lodi in the region of Lombardy at around 4am on Thursday.

A second car travelling in the same direction smashed into the first car.

One of the drivers climbed out of his vehicle, possibly to call for help, and was hit by a third car, a VW Polo, which was unable to stop in time.

The 28-year-old man died at the scene, while his 27-year-old girlfriend was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

Five of the injured were children, aged between eight and 15. The three boars involved in the accident – two adults and a juvenile – were killed.

The boars had reportedly managed to excavate a hole beneath the fence that runs along the side of the motorway, which connects Milan with Naples.

Boars have powerful snouts, which they use for digging up soil in search of roots and tubers.

Italy has a large and thriving wild boar population and they are often hit by vehicles.

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In Lombardy alone, there have been around 400 such accidents in the last five years, according to Coldiretti, a national agricultural association.

But this was one of the worst accidents caused by wild boar straying onto roads.

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