Swiss-based high-performance running brand, On, is launching a
subscription-based service to offer fully recyclable sportswear to its
customers worldwide, as it looks to drive zero waste in sportswear.

The subscription service, named Cyclon, will allow subscribers to
receive and wear the latest in running sportswear and then return
end-of-life products back to On, in exchange for the latest version. Once
the used item is returned, it will be fully recycled by On, who will then
reuse the materials to create new running gear.

The groundbreaking sustainability initiative marks the first of its kind
and is part of On’s pledge to lead the circular economy in sportswear as
well as actively contribute to the brand’s commitment to drive zero

For a deposit of 25 pounds, customers in select countries worldwide can
sign up for Cyclon starting today, September 15, at
The monthly subscription will then be 25 pounds.

“The Cyclon service is a groundbreaking new way to become more
sustainable, while also ensuring the running performance is never
compromised for our customers,” explains On co-founder, Caspar Coppetti in
a statement. “Customers who sign-up today will be the first ones to get the
latest in sustainable running technology.”

Swiss footwear brand On launches sustainable sportswear subscription

The first product to be released as part of the Cyclon service will be a
fully recyclable, high-performance running shoe, made from bio-based
material, also named Cyclon. At under 200 grams, the Cyclon is
ultra-lightweight and engineered to perform to elite level competition. The
Cyclon’s energy return and plush cushioning characteristics are among the
highest within the On product range.

On co-founder Olivier Bernhard, added: “Making a fully recyclable,
performance running shoe is a huge accomplishment, one that we’re immensely
proud of. But we went a step further. We wanted to show that sustainability
and performance go hand in hand.

“The subscription service enables runners to not only receive one of the
highest performing shoes we’ve engineered, but to continuously receive the
best and most up-to-date shoe technology coming out of our lab.”

Created from over 50 percent bio-based materials made from castor beans,
the new Cyclon shoe will not only be a flagship product for innovation in
sportswear design and circularity but will also represent On’s ongoing
commitment to reducing reliance on virgin petroleum-based materials, added
the brand.

The company has committed to reducing the environmental footprint
associated with its use of petroleum-based materials including virgin
polyester, polyamide, and chemical-based adhesives in favour of 100 percent
recycled polyester (rPES), 100 percent recycled polyamide (rPA), organic
cotton, and water-based glues as well as increasing the use of circular
materials to facilitate easy recyclability.

On Running highlights sustainable credentials with new fully
recyclable, high-performance running shoe

“We built Cyclon to be a sustainable solution in every sense – from an
environmental perspective, as a business opportunity and for the benefit of
our runners,” explained David Allemann, On co-founder. “In engineering our
sustainable product technology, we haven’t sacrificed performance. We’ve
enhanced it.”

The Cyclon shoe will be available exclusively via the On subscription
service in the latter half of 2021.

The subscription service is the latest environmental pledge from the
brand, as it has also committed to the Science Based Targets (SBTs) to
reduce its carbon emissions, with a view to meeting them in the future.
Additionally, On will introduce 100 percent recycled cardboard and 100
percent recycled plastic in its packaging by Q4 2021.

This is the latest initiative from the Swiss footwear brand, in May, On
expanded its products with the launch of its , as
it looked to expand its audience beyond running and move into the lifestyle
market. The Cloudnova was designed with a premium sneaker audience in mind
to offer an all-day comfort shoe, tapping into the popularity of merging
genres across fashion, sportswear, and outdoor gear.

This was followed up with a collaboration with and
the brand’s
co-designed by Roger Federer, who .

Founded by Allemann, Bernhard, and Coppetti in 2010, On has become a
major disruptor in the athletic footwear market due to its lightweight
‘cloud’ cushioned running shoes. The footwear brand is based in Zurich,
Portland, Berlin, Yokohama, and Shanghai, and is currently available at
6,000 retailers in more than 55 countries in Europe, North America, South
America and Asia-Pacific.

Images: courtesy of On

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