— Joey Styles revealed on his Twitter account that 12 WWE Superstars will be drafted live on Raw this Monday. Styles wrote: “12 Superstars will be drafted live on RAW this Monday. WWE.com will have video interviews following each pick. Live Chat on WWEuniverse.com.”

Last year, 11 Superstars changed brands during the live show, with 17 additional Superstars changing brands during the follow-up Supplemental Draft.

— Former WWE Superstar Shannon Moore recently married Julie Youngberg, a seamstress for WWE. Click here to see photos from their honeymoon. Youngberg was formerly married to WWE wrestler Darren “Droz” Drozdov but divorced sometime ago.

— CM Punk attended the Golden Gods Awards this past week. Click here to see photos. The awards show will air on MTV2 on May 2nd.

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