What is it with models these days? It’s been a violent week and no model behaviour in the land of the beautiful. The Guardian reported that last week Danish Victoria’s Secret star May Anderson was wrestled off Martinair Flight 643 charged with battery, resisting arrest and disorderly intoxication, after she allegedly hit an air stewardess en route from Amsterdam to Miami.

To continue the Scandinavian trend, Swedish supermodel Marzena Kamizela started dancing on her seat in the middle of a flight from Heathrow to New York last weekend. This activity was only brought to an end by the alleged intervention of former England and Manchester City full-back Danny Mills. Tatyana Simanava became the third model involved in violence this week when, on the way to a Staten Island photo shoot, the Russian dislocated her shoulder, broke her arm and damaged her $20K (estimated) face after mistaking the emergency exit on her coach for a toilet door, and hitting the motorway at 40mph. “I am not angry, but I would like that there are some changes made, so that nothing like this can happen again,” she said from her hospital bed. So where does all this aggressive behaviour come from, you may ask? As the Guardian aptly points out, these models are hungry. Very, very hungry. It’s not easy being beautiful – underneath that handsome surface lies a steaming pit of insecurity, wrapped in compliments, cloaked in couture. It’s difficult to stand out, to make a name for yourself. And so, when Naomi Campbell was first arrested for assault with a telephone, her gorgeous peers may have pricked up their ears.

When, after attending anger-management classes, Campbell was investigated for a further five attacks, and stepped out in a “Naomi Beat Me … And I Love It” T-shirt, the models sharpened their nails and got livid. Models get angry because rage turns them super. In fact, expect more carnage before the year is out. We can’t wait until London Fashion Week.

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