WWE has been signing talent from many of their rivals for the past few years, of course, WWE can offer lucrative contracts like no other company, which means that they rarely get turned down by wrestling talent. 
More recently WWE has begun taking talent from Ring of Honor, TNA and New Japan Pro Wrestling, and now NJPW star Kenny Omega has made the claim that WWE is just signing talent for the sake of signing them. 
WWE has signed a lot of established talent over the past few months, which includes former NJPW stars Finn Balor and AJ Styles and Bullet Club duo Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. These stars have become main attractions for WWE, but many of the WWE Universe have commented on the fact that Anderson and Gallows could have been booked better. 

He said: “It seems as though we’re headed towards a monopoly if I were to speak honestly. WWE is hiring people just to hire them. That’s fine, and I’m happy for whoever’s happy to collect a paycheck from them. A lot of my good friends are now receiving work and receiving money. But sadly, a lot of those people are signing with WWE just to ride the pine. You can’t put all these guys on TV. On one end, you have these mom-and-pop indie superstars getting TV time, and people all around the world are able to see the art of what they do. And in a lot of cases, they’re enjoying it, which is fantastic. I’m really happy about that.”
Could Omega have a point? Are WWE going to far now?

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