– As is evident by the rumors going around, in order to build up Smackdown and with the brand split on the horizon, WWE has been very aggressive in trying to bring in talent. Reportedly they have been calling anyone who was a former star and can still wrestle with the expectation that these old stars would be used much like the Dudleys.

– The offers WWE has apparently made to former stars to come back as part of the brand split is considerably lower than expected. Some former stars have commented off the record that they actually make more money right now than they would should they accept the WWE offer, but they also are having to work less dates than WWE would require. Some talent has been offered full time deals and others have been offered part-time contracts where they would still be allowed to work in the indies.

– Most of the decisions on which wrestlers will go on which brand have already been made. The plan is to split up the women wrestlers onto the two brands but it is unknown whether there will still be one Women’s Title or two.

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