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— A new backstage interview girl by the name of Lauren Brooke debuted at Sunday’s TNA Lockdown pay-per-view. She was hired at the urging of Spike TV officials, who want more women involved in the backstage segments on Impact. No word yet on the status of Crystal Louthan, although it doesn’t look she’s being replaced and TNA will simply have two girls doing the backstage announcing. With the addition of Lauren to the roster, that brings the total number of on-air female talent to 18.

— Former TNA backstage announcer Leticia Cline will be appearing on Howard Stern’s Bowling Beauties television series, which debuts on Howard TV next month. The show is based around bikini-clad women bowling while comedian Jim Florentine does comedy. Speaking of Cline, she has not been eliminated from The CW’s Beauty and the Geek reality show yet. Cline is one of the three remaining finalists on the program.

— The TNA Knockouts didn’t get the day off on Monday as they were involved with some sort of project with Spike TV that afternoon.

See photos of new TNA backstage interview girl Lauren Brooke

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