INDIANAPOLIS – The NCAA has released the updated standings for the 2016 NCAA Wrestling Awards that will be awarded in March at the respective Division I, II and III Wrestling Championships.

The inaugural NCAA Wrestling Awards were presented at the 2012 wrestling championships. The three awards, given in each division, honor the Most Dominant Wrestler as well as the student-athletes that have accumulated the most falls and the most technical falls throughout the course of the regular and postseasons.

For falls and tech falls to be counted towards a student-athletes total they must come against opponents in the same division. Ties in the two categories are broken based on the aggregate time.

In the Division I Most Dominant Wrestler standings, Penn State freshman Jason Nolf increased his lead with an average of 5.20 points per match at 157 pounds, which is .09 ahead of heavyweight Joe Stolfi of Bucknell.

Pittsburgh-Johnstown 184-pounder Travis McKillop leads Division II with an average of 5.33 points, which is well ahead of Garrett Grey of Tiffin with 4.73 points.

The 2014-15 NCAA Division III Most Dominant Wrestler is well on his way to earning the award for the second year in a row as Wabash 184-pounder Riley Lefever has an average of 5.74 points. Heavyweight Donald Longendyke is second with an average of 5.45 points for Augsburg.

The Most Dominant Wrestler standings are calculated by adding the total number of points awarded through match results and dividing that number by the total number of matches wrestled. Points per match are awarded as follows and based on a minimum of 17 matches in the division.

  • Fall, forfeit, injury default or DQ = 6 points (-6 points for a loss)
  • Tech falls = 5 points (-5 points for a loss)
  • Major decision = 4 points (-4 points for a loss)
  • Decision = 3 points (-3 points for a loss)

Navy 197-pounder Michael Woulfe leads Division I with 14 falls this season, while teammate Mathew Miller and Nolf are second with 13. Miller holds the tiebreaker over Nolf in aggregate time (34:26-45:47)

Ronald Wardleigh of Western State is the leader in Division II with 13 falls at 125 pounds, followed closely by McKillop with 12.

AJ Kowal of Stevens Institute of Technology holds the national lead by aggregate time (39:19) over Josh Thomson of Messiah (57:28) as each wrestler has accumulated 19 falls this season.

Isaiah Martinez of Illinois has surpassed his winning total from last season with 12 tech falls this season at 157 pounds to hold the Division I lead.

Francis Mizia of Mercyhurst maintains his lead in Division II with eight tech falls at 165 pounds, while Maryville (Missouri) 197-pounder Ryan Beltz and Seton Hill 141-pounder Joseph Alessandro each have seven.

Michael Fleck, a 125-pounder from Wilkes, holds the national lead in Division III with 12 tech falls, one ahead of three challengers with 11.

[eztable th=”0″]NCAA STAT LEADERS – TECH FALLS [attr colspan=”6″]
Division I [attr colspan=”6″]
Rank,Name,School,Weight,Tech Falls,Time
1,Isaiah Martinez,Illinois,157,12,55:50
2,Nate Brown,Lehigh,184,8,35:43
3,Bo Nickal,Penn St.,174,7,39:13
4,Zain Retherford,Penn St.,149,7,42:25
5,Ronald Perry,Lock Haven,149,7,45:11
6,Tom Sleigh,Bucknell,184,6,28:08
7,Nahshon Garrett,Cornell,133,6,30:01
8,Joshua Rodriguez,North Dakota St.,125,6,30:42
9,Gabriel Dean,Cornell,184,6,35:46
10,Jason Nolf,Penn St.,157,6,39:52
Division II [attr colspan=”6″]
Rank,Name,School,Weight,Tech Falls,Time
1,Francis Mizia,Mercyhurst,165,8,31:49
2,Ryan Beltz,Maryville (MO),197,7,36:32
3,Joseph Alessandro,Seton Hill,141,7,37:13
4,Martin Ramirez,Adams St.,133,6,17:52
5,August Mizia,Mercyhurst,174,6,19:34
6,Dominick Nania,Wheeling Jesuit,149,6,23:54
7,Garrett Lineberger,Notre Dame (OH),197,6,28:36
8,Derrick Nelson,Coker,133,5,25:43
9,Jordan Rinken,Upper Iowa,157,5,27:22
10,Austin Goergen,St. Cloud St.,285,4,15:00
Division III [attr colspan=”6″]
Rank,Name,School,Weight,Tech Falls,Time
1,Michael Fleck,Wilkes,125,12,50:42
2,Zach Joseph,Springfield,149,11,58:02
3,Jeff Palmeri,Brockport,184,11,59:16
4,Lucas Malmberg,Messiah,125,11,65:13
5,Alex Kramer,Ursinus,157,9,27:06
6,Nathan Pike,NYU,133,9,45:51
7,Asher Kramer,Brockport,125,9,48:57
8,Zach Bylykbashi,Wash. & Lee,133,8,31:25
9,CJ Luth,Southern Me.,157,8,34:14
10,Dustin Weinmann,Wis.-La Crosse,133,8,41:06
Division I [attr colspan=”6″]
Rank,Name,School,Weight,Avg. Points
1,Jason Nolf,Penn St.,157,5.20
2,Joe Stolfi,Bucknell,285,5.11
3,Zain Retherford,Penn St.,149,4.96
4,Alex Dieringer,Oklahoma St.,165,4.78
5,Nick Gwiazdowski,North Carolina St.,285,4.77
6,Morgan McIntosh,Penn St.,197,4.71
7,Thomas Gilman,Iowa,125,4.67
8,Nahshon Garrett,Cornell,133,4.48
9,Isaiah Martinez,Illinois,157,4.41
10,Zane Richards,Illinois,133,4.37
Division II [attr colspan=”6″]
Rank,Name,School,Weight,Avg. Points
1,Travis McKillop,Pitt.-Johnstown,184,5.33
2,Garrett Grey,Tiffin,285,4.73
3,Jon Inman,Fort Hays St.,184,4.68
4,Paul Wilson,Colorado Mines,197,4.50
5,Huston Evans,Newberry,184,4.39
6,Ryan Beltz,Maryville (MO),197,4.30
7,Keith Surber,Neb.-Kearney,141,4.06
8,Martin Ramirez,Adams St.,133,4.00
9,August Mizia,Mercyhurst,174,3.88
10,Willie Bohince,Mercyhurst,125,3.85
Division III [attr colspan=”6″]
Rank,Name,School,Weight,Avg. Points
1,Riley Lefever,Wabash,184,5.74
2,Donald Longendyke,Augsburg,285,5.45
3,Christoper Chorzepa,Williams,184,5.31
4,Josh Thomson,Messiah,184,5.20
5,AJ Kowal,Stevens,184,5.09
6,Angus Arthur,Adrian,197,4.86
7,Derek Arnold,Ursinus,149,4.85
8,Lance Evans,Wartburg,285,4.67
9,Nolan Barger,Lycoming,165,4.65
10,Lucas Malmberg,Messiah,125,4.59
NCAA STAT LEADERS – FALLS [attr colspan=”6″]
Division I [attr colspan=”6″]
1,Michael Woulfe,Navy,197,14,57:35
2,Mathew Miller,Navy,184,13,34:26
3,Jason Nolf,Penn St.,157,13,45:47
4,Joe Stolfi,Bucknell,285,11,41:22
5,Zain Retherford,Penn St.,149,10,30:52
6,Evan Henderson,North Carolina,149,9,17:50
7,Chad Walsh,Rider,157,9,45:10
8,Alex Dieringer,Oklahoma St.,165,8,14:10
9,Dominick Malone,Northwestern,133,8,14:17
10,Nick Gwiazdowski,North Carolina St.,285,8,18:43
Division II [attr colspan=”6″]
1,Ronald Wardleigh,Western St.,125,13,40:55
2,Travis McKillop,Pitt.-Johnstown,184,12,16:03
3,Garrett Grey,Tiffin,285,10,20:19
4,Joshua Ailey,Central Okla.,141,10,23:12
5,Romero Cotton,Neb.-Kearney,197,10,24:12
6,Dalton Ishmal,Findlay,197,9,19:29
7,Stuart Nadeau,UNC Pembroke,285,9,28:51
8,Jon Inman,Fort Hays St.,184,9,30:10
9,Huston Evans,Newberry,184,9,30:10
10,Jacob Mitchell,Colorado St.-Pueblo,285,8,12:38
Division III [attr colspan=”6″]
1,AJ Kowal,Stevens,184,19,39:19
2,Josh Thomson,Messiah,184,19,57:28
3,Riley Lefever,Wabash,184,18,49:57
4,Christoper Chorzepa,Williams,184,17,34:33
5,Austin Sisco,Western New Eng.,133,17,57:54
6,Justin Cochran,Roger Williams,141,16,27:37
7,Ryan O`Boyle,McDaniel,133,15,32:25
8,Anthony Brooks,Williams,197,15,33:50
9,Logan Hermsen,Wis.-Stevens Point,165,14,35:23
10,Mike Spencer,York (PA),285,13,22:29[/eztable]

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