Moncler is to sue an Italian television station after it aired a report
about the outerwear company endorsing the malpractise of using unethical
goose feathers for its down jackets.

Moncler’s shares fell 4.7 percent after the programme was aired, which
further accused the company of not abiding by European laws for extracting
the feathers from the Hungarian geese, the source of its down.

Moncler claims it abides by European regulations

Moncler denied the claims, saying it would take legal action against the
show and issued a statement Monday that said “all the down used by the
company is sourced from strictly certified suppliers that adhere to the
principles established by the European Down and Feather Association and
that they are obliged contractually to guarantee their respect for the
treatment of animals, as set out in Moncler’s Ethical Code,” which the
company said was available on the brand’s Web site.

The firm said all of its down suppliers are located in France, Italy and
North America. “Therefore there is absolutely no link between Moncler and
the distressing images transmitted that relate to farmers, suppliers and
companies that are operating illegally or unacceptably; these were linked
in a deliberately misleading way by the program to Moncler,” the brand

Prada was also criticised in the report, for moving a proportional amount
of its manufacturing outside of Italy. While Prada declined to comment,
Moncler confirmed that, “as stated but ignored by ‘Report,’ it produces in
Italy and in Europe. The company produces goods in Italy in limited
quantities and in Europe in locations capable of producing in greater
volumes and with a high level of technical know-how that guarantees the
quality required by Moncler’s customers.”
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