— If you recall, at the Survivor Series, Shawn Michaels wasn’t allowed to use the Superkick in his championship match with Randy Orton. Instead, he used a few submission holds including the Sharpshooter and the (“Crippler”) Crossface. The 2008 Spring Preview issue of WWE Magazine that hit newsstands this past week asks him about it in an interview. Here is what he said:

In your match at Survivor Series 2007 against Randy Orton, you used several submission holds, including the Sharpshooter. Were you trying to send a message to someone?

When the Superkick was banned in the match I thought I’d change my whole strategy and use submissions. I’m not really a submission guy, so I used holds that were familiar. One of those moves is the Sharpshooter. People might think I was taking a stab at Bret Hart, but I wasn’t. As for the Crossface… I’ll just say that I am the guy who has got to be the first one to do stuff, to let people know it’s OK. Did I worry about taking heat? I’ve never been afraid of the heat.

— WWE released a compilation DVD on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin this week and it features the match between him and Triple H at Survivor Series 2000. Chris Benoit played a role in getting the action from inside of the arena to the parking lot. When these segments occur, the Survivor Series logo is suddenly shown and the match skips to the part without Benoit. This happens twice during the match on the DVD.

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