— Kevin Thorn, who is still under contract to WWE but hasn’t appeared on television since late last year, has posted an interesting blog on the WWE Universe site. In the blog, he talks about wanting to return doing the vampire gimmick, and takes a shot a creative by mentioning how they wanted him to be “normal.” Thorn wrote: “So who do you want to be for halloween???? Me I just want to be me again, the resident bloodsucking dark prince of ECW. I want to be undead again because it seems like I have been dead for a year now. but wait, I cant be dead though because they stuck that stake in my back, when they really should have stuck it in my heart!!! If they really wanted to get rid of me.Thats gonna come back to haunt them. A Year ago, I was told there is a new direction and we want you to be normal!??? THAT really doesn’t work ,when you already were being what you thought was normal.I mean ,who wouldn’t want to be a vampire? He also added: “I WILL RETURN IF NOT HERE, SOMEWHERE VERY SOON AND WHEN I DO ! I WLL FIGHT FOR THE BROKEN ,BRUISED,PICKED ON AND ABUSED I WILL BE YOUR VESSEL OF RETRIBUTION FOR THE DARK IS ABOUT TO FALL UPON THEM!!!”

— The forthcoming Cyber Sunday 2008 DVD will feature two extras including The Honky Tonk Man, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Goldust arguing over who was the best Intercontinental champion, as well as the pre-show match that aired on featuring R-Truth vs. WWE United States Champion Shelton Benjamin.

— has a photo gallery of the WWE stars being zombies. You can see the photoshopped photos at the following link.

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