The students of the STF (Swiss Textile & Fashion Institute) will dedicate 2021 to an exciting and current annual topic: “Memories of the Future”. The aim is to find innovative and sustainable solutions for future cooperation and for overcoming new crises.

Our planet is running at the limit. Turbo-capitalism, exploitation and social inequality, climate change or the worldwide spread of viruses are just some of the problems that mankind needs to deal with. These crises and the reactions to them determine the way we live together. Visionary solutions must be found to maintain long-term coexistence.

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Students should address the following questions in their annual topic “Memories of the Future”: What are the essential values of our living together? What unites mankind? How to keep our planet healthy for future generations? The basic values of our community play a central role here, with a special focus on belonging and diversity.

The STF annual topic “Memories of the Future” offers plenty of room for imagination and visions. The theme promotes reflection by each individual and calls for innovative ideas for sustainable coexistence on our planet. In the scenario “Memories of the Future”, students of fashion as well as their neighboring disciplines of technology, accessory and interior design create their own worlds of ideas. This enables an imaginative look into the future and addresses current topics around key words like responsibility, modesty, friendliness and gentleness.

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