Last week, Matt Hardy began dropping hints that he’s TNA bound, telling his Twitter followers that there’s a 100% chance that we’ll see the Hardy Boyz wrestle together again. In receSince that comment, his page has been flooded with TNA references.

— Hardy was asked on Twitter if fans should buy tickets to a January TNA show in Berlin or WWE’s tour of Europe in November to see him. Hardy replied with:

“I’d go with Berlin.”

00 Hardy was later asked about his recent losing streak and said he plans on changing that. Hardy said,

“It’s time for me to go somewhere thatl I’ll be given a fair chance–that’s all I want.”

— Matt said his brother Jeff made a “V-1″ reference at a recent TNA live event and the crowd “lost their damn minds!!”

— When asked by a fan when his WWE contract expires, Matt wrote:

“If I have my way, hopefully tomorrow :)”

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