As reported earlier, former WWE star Paul London spoke very candidly about people he liked and especially did not like during his tenure in World Wrestling Entertainment.

London seemed to share the most disdain for Smackdown wrestler Matt Hardy, calling him “a coward.” London also has “a complete lack of respect” for Hardy based on his feelings that he was trying to sabotage his career.

In a blog post on his WWE Universe account, Matt Hardy responds to London without mentioning him by name. Hardy simply refers to him as “some ‘Hooligan’ that used to be employed by the WWE.”

“It’s someone I got hired after allowing him to have a great match with me on Velocity, and then by going to bat to management for him,” Hardy wrote. “And then he became bitter because he attempted to follow in my footsteps, and couldn’t measure up as a man in any way – and I mean in any way.

Hardy said this is an example of what happens when someone tries to cross him. “I ALWAYS win in the end,” Hardy wrote. “Enjoy your pathetic life, you’re welcome.”

It should be noted that Hardy did not post this blog on his MySpace account as he’s playing up his ‘heel persona’ on the WWE site.

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