Matt Hardy posted a new blog tonight to clear up some things regarding the “cryptic” blog he posted on Tuesday. Hardy wrote, “It has been brought to my attention that several of the “journalists” that “report” pro wrestling have commented on my most recent blog, “The Seventh Cryptic Blog.” The main thing causing the misinterpretations is the following paragraph he wrote on Tuesday’s blog:

“I know two people of different genders who are in a dilemma at this time. One of these individuals I am extremely close with-the other one I used to be. The thing that worries me is that they’re both playing around in the deep water and can’t swim. I can swim.”

He posted the blog a few hours after WWE had announced the suspension of his brother Jeff, and many people believed that is who he was talking about, especially considering that he said he’s really close with the person in question. Additionally, it was reported the day before that Ashley Massaro had been sent home from a Raw taping a few weeks ago after showing up in “bad shape” at the catering area. So some people believed that he was talking about her when he said that the person in trouble was of a different gender, not to mention that he used to be close with the individual. Of course, Ashley & Matt were involved in a relationship during her first few months in the company.

Regarding the paragraph causing the confusion, he wasn’t talking about Jeff, nor Ashley. He was talking about a former couple he knows. He wrote:

“This paragraph is about a former couple, one of my close friends, and her ex. Neither one of them can seem to move on (swim) from their bad relationship experiences with one another. It’s really adversely affected their personal lives and they’re both metaphorically “drowning” in the “ocean” of negativity, sorrow, and pity. Through my own personal experiences, I’ve learned how to “swim” away from an unhealthy relationship to avoid doing personal and career damage to myself (Although I had to learn the hard way in 2005). When Eulogy by Tool randomly played on my iTunes, it was ironic caused I had just told my friend earlier that she should “bury the relationship” once and for all.”

Matt then comments on Jeff and Ashley in the following paragraph:

“The reason I deciphered this portion of my cryptic blog was to put an end to some of the “interpretations” that the IWC have made. Several people have speculated that the male in Article C was my brother, Jeff Hardy, which isn’t true. As unfortunate as the situation is concerning Jeff, I’m not worried about his health or well-being in the slightest. I know my brother will be absolutely fine even though he has suffered a career setback. Jeff is one of the best human beings I know, regardless of the fact that he’s my brother. One of the names I saw circulating around as the female was Ashley Massaro, which is now obviously inaccurate as well. Although I do see how people could misinterpret my words, given one of my statement-“One of these individuals I am extremely close with-the other one I used to be.” Ashley is a awesome girl who I wish nothing but the best for. I wanted to address these misinterpretations so that the spreading of any untrue rumors originating from my “cryptic blog” would immediately cease. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and make sure to pass this info on to your favorite IWC information source.”

You can read his entire explanation at this link.

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