– Mark Henry has been getting a lot praise backstage for working through his current injury. The former World Heavyweight champion has been in pain for some time and has turned down offers by WWE to take time off.

– FCW wrestler Donny Marlow, son of WWE Legend Haku, recently made his WWE debut on Superstars as Hunico’s bodyguard. Marlow is now going by the name Camacho.

– There was no dark main event after last night’s SmackDown tapings from Little Rock, Arkansas. After the taping concluded, there was a comedy segment between Big Show and Mark Henry to end the show

– Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton is being advertised for the March 6th SmackDown tapings at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

– WWE officials planned to have Chris Jericho be the man behind the cryptic videos on RAW all along. Reports of Jericho being unhappy about not being featured in the WWE ’12 video game were made up to make insider fans think there was a rift between Jericho and WWE.

* Pictures of JIM ROSS’s New Look (Gray Goatee)

(Source: pwinsider.com)

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