Luke Perry Attends Local Event to Support His Son – Aspiring Wrestler ‘Jungle Boy’
The Pro Wrestling Sheet exclusively revealed that former 90210 star Luke Perry recently attended a local wrestling event, known for its notorious death matches, in East Los Angeles where his son Nate ‘Jungle Boy’ Coy was wrestling.
Luke’s son wrestled another local talent in the opening match of Underground Empire Wrestling’s F*ck the World 3 event.

Perry kept a fairly low profile as he watch his son go back and forth from the stands, filming the majority of the match on his phone, but did get noticeably nervous during one spot (see link below).
It’s still early days yet in the young 19 year-old’s career, but with a celebrity background and a rockstar look, it appears as though he’s on the right track.
For more of the Pro Wrestling Sheet’s exclusive story and video of the event, be sure to check out the link below.

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