Former WWE Superstar Lance Storm recently talked about WWE’s penchant for using veteran talents at WrestleMania.

The practice has been utilized for years in Vince McMahon’s company and every time it happens, the WWE faithful typically rebel against it. Most of the time, the notion is that others in the company are getting left out of the spotlight in favor of veterans who are past their prime.

But Storm has a different take on the situation.

“It always amazes me how people don’t get it. WrestleMania is supposed to be special. If it has just the exact same lineup as every other pay-per-view, it’s not going to be special. And I think people need to go back to WrestleMania 1. WWE as we know it may not exist in its current form if not for a celebrity big name that came in and took part at WrestleMania 1. Mr. T was a big mainstream celebrity in ’84. He put it on the map, he helped establish and put over Hulkamania so that The Hulkster could then draw for years to come. And when they bring back The Rock, when they brought back Goldberg, you know, Lesnar is part-time. These are attractions. As much as it sucks that if you want that main spot, you get bumped down the card, I think it’s the price you pay to have that success year round.”

Fans may or may not agree with Storm’s assessment. The argument has been made in the past that full-time WWE Superstars can’t get better unless they have main event exposure against top level talents. But if those top level talents are working top guys, then what chance do rising stars have of improving their game?

This has usually been the case for Brock Lesnar, who typically works other “made” stars in the company and when he does work younger talents, he rarely ever does the job.

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But Storm does have a point. WrestleMania is indeed supposed to be special and nothing is worse than watching a pay-per-view that feels like just another Raw or SmackDown. Of course as long as WWE goes down this road with the veterans, the fans will likely always take exception with it. This is one issue that may always be debated for many years to come.

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