Kurt Angle made a grand return to WWE earlier this year after over a decade away from the company when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He later became the Raw General Manager, and is currently involved in a storyline wherein he is the father of Jason Jordan. Cageside Seats has reported that Kurt Angle still has not taken a physical for a possible in-ring return at the moment. However, it looks like WWE does plan on using Kurt for a match at some point, and the buildup to whatever program Angle will be involved in should begin around the same time that WWE starts hyping up the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event in January.
Daniel Bryan has also been very vocal about teasing a return to the ring, albeit not in a WWE ring. ROH COO Joe Koff recently revealed that the company would gladly welcome Bryan back if he decided to go there after his WWE contract expires. In a Q&A on Instagram, Bryan’s wife, Brie Bella, managed to get her husband to confess why he has been growing his hair out. Bryan revealed, “It may or may not be because I want to do Apuestas [Mask vs. Hair] matches in Arena Mexico. It may or may not be that.” Once again, Bryan continues to tease the possibility of wrestling again after his time with WWE is over, which is still rumored to be happening sometime in 2018.
As reported earlier, Matt and Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks were issued a cease and desist letter by WWE banning the team from using the “too sweet” hand gesture. They have since released new merchandise capitalizing on their recent misfortune. Cageside Seats reports that the team could actually win a case against WWE if they ever got to that stage. However, the cost to battle the company in court is costly, so it appears that the team will continue to work despite the recent demands from WWE. Their new merchandise poking fun at the cease and desist letter from WWE is now going to be incorporated into the team’s act.

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