Chanel was recently distinguished as being the most popular line among counterfeit goods producers. Countries such as China and Korea are the highest producers of fake goods, and The Korea Customs Service announced this week that of USD162.5 million worth of fake products seized last year, those bearing Chanel’s logo accounted for USD23.5 million , more than any other brand. The amount was based on the prices for authentic Chanel products. Among other foreign fashion lines, Rolex was a close second, followed by counterfeits of Louis Vuitton and Nike. Those in the fashion industry attributed Chanel’s leading position to its line of expensive handbags making them lucrative targets for fake goods makers.

Among different items, watches were the most vulnerable to replication, with approximately USD 50.1 million having been confiscated. The national customs agency said in order to increase efficiency in its investigation of counterfeit goods, it would establish better lines of communications with trademark holders and authentic producers. Also, the Daejeon-based agency said it will regularly host conferences on related issues.

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