Sunday’s WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view featured the surprise return of one of the biggest pro wrestling stars of the 1990′s – Kevin Nash. Nash brutally attacked CM Punk following his WWE championship win, allowing Alberto Del Rio to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and leading to a great deal of speculation as to who hired Kevin Nash to attack Punk. Nash was on RAW this week to explain his actions, but his explanation that a powerful friend texted him with instructions to “stick the winner” of the WWE title match did little to make sense of what really went down the night before.

We’ve got a few new backstage details regarding Nash’s WWE return:

– WWE did everything they could on Sunday night at SummerSlam to keep his return a surprise. Nash was flown into Los Angeles on Saturday and was kept in a secluded area of the Staples Center up until the main event where he did his run-in. In another measure to prevent news from leaking out about the surprise appearance – Nash’s return was not listed on WWE’s official booking sheet for the show.

– Despite a lot of resistance from Nash, WWE forced Nash to dye his hair jet black prior to appearing on television. Nash is said to be very comfortable with his silver-haired look, but WWE officials think it makes Nash look too old and would not cave.

It’ been said that Nash had a similar situation in TNA Wrestling, where company officials wanted him to dye his hair to look younger, but Nash got his way with TNA management.

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