Former WWE superstar Ken “Mr. Kennedy” Anderson recently spoke to Phil Strum of the PojoSlam blog and said he was unhappy in WWE for a long, long time before his eventual release. “After I got the initial shock and the punch in the stomach, it was like an elephant just stepped off my chest,” Anderson said. I was pretty unhappy there for about three years.

“I thought that I could used a different way and I wasn’t. That’s OK. That was their business decision. They decided not to go that way. That’s fine. That’s on them. Now, I’m going to try to stick it (to them, expletive) basically and prove them wrong. Hopefully, someday they’ll look back and say ‘(expletive), we could have had that guy.'”

When asked if he would ever return to World Wrestling Entertainment, Anderson said that it’s highly unlikely and that things would have to change drastically for him to even consider it. “Things would have to drastically change and I don’t think that’s going to happen. My answer to that is no.

Anderson is getting into acting and is currently seeking movie roles, television roles, commercials, voiceover work. He’s booked for the upcoming Hulkamania tour of Australia later this month. There’s been talk of him going to TNA Wrestling at some point but at this point nothing seems imminent.

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