Actresses Kate Bosworth and Scarlett Johansson go way back as friends, long before the two became famous movie stars.

Bosworth, 36, posted a picture of the two of them as pre-teens alongside two horses from the set of the 1997 film

The film was one of Johansson’s early films, having appeared in

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The two would go on to achieve massive success in Hollywood, with Bosworth starring in such movies as

“I feel like I learned so much from Scarlett, even back then, I actually auditioned for her part (in

Bosworth added, “I remember sitting with her, we would always go out and have little dinner, and I would ask her, ‘how are you going to do this scene?’ and she just went through it with me. We were so young, having this really sweet discussion. I learned a lot from her, even at a young age she was obviously so talented.”


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