— TNA’s merchandise website has put the Karen Angle pin-up T-shirt back up for sale. The shirt features a drawing of Karen and it reads “Great Time Guaranteed…” There is no description of the shirt from the site to tell us what the shirt’s about or what that phrase actually means. You can see the shirt at this link. Also, apparently Kurt Angle himself commented on his own wife’s shirt. ‘Kurt Angle of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’ wrote last week: “Awesome Graphic of Karen!” The shirt was put online on Wednesday, but pulled less than a day later for unknown reasons.

— New TNA Knockout Mickie Knuckles appeared on The Jerry Springer Show about a month ago, although it was taped several months before then. The storyline was that her boyfriend never told her that he was a soldier in Iraq, or at least not until a few days before he had to go away again. This greatly upset her because he put the war in Iraq ahead of her. When her boyfriend went away, she hooked up with his best friend. The guys then got in a brawl on stage. Later in the show, Mickie fields comments from audience members and acts in the stereotypical “I don’t care! I do what I want!” manner, which garners tons of boos and insults from the crowd. In one instance, she insults a guy’s looks after telling her off and they get into a verbal spat. You can view the first of four clips on YouTube at this link.

— Speaking of Mickie Knuckles, she is now going under the name “Moose” in TNA. In her pinfall loss to ODB at Slammiversary last night, she worked under the name Moose. On Impact last week, Mike Tenay referred to her as Mickie Knuckles on commentary shortly after the airing of her segment.

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