There has been a long-standing rumor that former WWE Champion Kane and current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar once had an arm wrestling contest backstage. “The Big Red Machine” who recently did an interview on WWE Hall of Fame commentator Jim Ross’ podcast, The Ross Report, shut down those rumors and told what really happened. Kane said that he and Lesnar actually had a bit of a weight lifting competition in the gym one day:
“Years and years ago, Brock and I were at the gym at the same time and we were throwing around some serious weight. And we didn’t really have a weightlifting challenge, but we were throwing around some serious weight.”
Kane continued, “Brock was impressed and he gets on it and we were matching each other pretty well. But yeah, I’ve heard that story and it [has] morphed into various incarnations, so yeah, no, there was never an arm wrestling match because mine is still intact, so there you go.”

(H/T WrestlingInc. for transcriptions)
Here’s a link to the podcast:

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