WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with another blog update, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights of what JR wrote about what went down at Monday’s RAW:

CM Punk & Chris Jericho: “The Punk/Jericho interaction was compelling and furthered the two, talented performer’s personal issue. Let’s not lose track that this is for the WWE Title which is the Promised Land for any WWE Superstar. The personal issue aspect of this pairing makes this match even more anticipated in my view. A potential show stealer without question.”

Cody Rhodes: “The evolution of IC Champion Cody Rhodes continues at a rapid and productive pace. Rhodes has the skills to be a top star for years to come and his WM28 bout with the Big Show increased my interest thanks to what they did Monday night.”

Sheamus & Daniel Bryan: “While Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan may be overlooked by a handful of fans, I have always looked forward to their WM28 bout knowing how both athletes are wired and what WM28 means to each of them personally and professionally. I’m very proud of both men and hope that they tear the house down April 1.”

The Rock: “Only one man’s opinion, but I thought that Rock’s promo in front of the Rocky statue was the Great One’s best verbal presentation yet in regard to the Rock vs. Cena bout at WM28. Loved the old school references along with Rock’s entertaining and compelling delivery. Really memorable.”

Taker, Triple H & HBK: “Have to be honest, I got goose bumps on all three entrances of HBK, Undertaker and HHH. The HIAC match with Taker’s ‘Streak’ in jeopardy is something that has many talking. The emotional investment of 19 years of greatness by Undertaker at WrestleMania events has built an amazing foundation. The match provokes many more questions than answers. Obviously, where Shawn Michaels stands as the referee of record is one question of prominence.”

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