Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of
Guest: Joy Giovanni
Date: 5/2/09
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, James Walsh, & Nick Noel

After a particularly embarrassing situation on the MTV Music Awards, Bret Michaels of Poison looked at the camera and remarked that it was live TV and that is what makes it rock ‘n’ roll… This week’s edition of The Interactive Interview is rock ‘n’ roll!

After technical difficulties with our show’s broadcast network, we started late and had to reschedule John Cena Sr. But, we still had Joy Giovanni! And, we really made it count!

After a blistering talking segment about everything wrestling, we welcome Joy Giovanni for a great interview! We hope all of her fans will check it out and give us a listen.

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– Joe had a lot of fun being a part of Wrestlemania XXV. She was impressed with the size of the arena and loved being infront of the crowd.

– She didn’t know the Divas weren’t going to get entrances for the Battle Royal. She thought it was cool to come out during Kid Rock’s song because she’s a big fan of him, but she was a little surprised that they didn’t give them at least small intros. She was still happy to be there and had a great time.

– Since leaving the WWE, she has done some work for the G4 Channel. She did a few other small film projects, and after taking a few years off, she is now a part of an Indy event where she’ll be facing her old Smackdown rival Amy Weber. She has done some heavy training for the match . The DVD release for the match will also include photoshoots of both girls and the training sessions. Joy trained with MMA Fighter & WWE Tough Enough Winner Daniel Puder, & Amy Weber trained with MMA fighter Maverick. Check out for more info.

– She had alot of fun doing the segment with Kurt Angle where he walked in on her in the shower and having to run around the arena in a towel. She loved working with Big Show too, and says that he was always really sweet. She also puts him over as being very talented and creative.

– She was a big fan of Wrestling during the late 80s when Hogan & Savage were the top stars, so when the Diva Search originally happened, she decided to try out. She didn’t know she was going to make the Top 10 and she was excited about. Each skit for Raw that they did was unexpected & the girls didn’t know what they were going to do before hand. Joy is embarissed to admit that she didn’t remember Kamala when they brought him out.

– When speaking on Carmella, she says that all the other girls were really excited and tried to work hard to win it, and Carmella didn’t take it very seriously. Joy says that Carmella even made fun of the wrestlers behind their backs, and alot of the wrestlers didn’t seem to like her either. She also says that when the dress code was put into effect, the Diva Search contestants were told it was optional, and Carmella was the only one who opted not to follow it. Joy found it strange that Carmella survived until the very end, but she doesn’t know for sure if it was fixed initially or not.

– On the flip side, Joy says that she knew Christy was going to win from the very start. She felt that Christy’s personality just put her over the top.

– When Joy was eliminated, they asked her if she would like comeback and they eventually brought her back and she had alot of fun there.

– Going back to Big Show, she says that it was awkward having to kiss him because they didn’t really know each other yet, but if they were to do it now, it probably woulnd’t be a big deal. She says that she was game for whatever they asked her to do.

– On storyline directions, she doesn’t know how far ahead the WWE plans out their storylines.

– With all the horror stories about the ribs that some of the wrestlers used to pull on the Divas, Joy says that she never had any problems with any of the guys. She actually ended up making friends with alot of the most famous pranksters. She even says JBL was nice to her when she was at Wrestlemania XXV & never gave her any problems while she was with the WWE.

– She still keeps in touch with some of the people she worked with in the WWE, though not often. She talks to Torrie Wilson, Melina, Big Show, & Rey Mysterio. She also says that she got along really well with Howard Finkel and she thought it was great that he made the Hall of Fame.

– When asked if she’d ever return to the WWE, she says that would consider it if she were asked to. It depends on if they have room for her & what they plan to do. She had fun at Wrestlemania, and if they asked her to come back, then its definitely a possibility.

– On the possibility of going to TNA, she says that is also something she would consider, even though Christy Hemme is really the only person she knows from the company.

– She was supposed to wrestle Amy Weber in the WWE, but Amy left the company before the match could happen. The match they are having now is going to be more of a wrestling match & not the Pillow Fight/Catfight kind of matches that alot of WWE Divas did when Joy was with the company.

– The interview then goes into a funny discussion about Myspace posers and how there are alot of people on Myspace claiming to be Joy, and James even tells a story about how Shawn Michaels was on Myspace and had to leave because he got heckled by alot of people who accused him of being a poser.

Word Associations:

Carmella = She tells a story about how her one regret from the Diva Search was during the Rock’s Pie Eating segment (which she admits she was nervous for because she was a big fan of The Rock), she didn’t throw her pie in Carmella’s face.

Candice Michelle = “I miss her…we were good freinds for a while”

Maria = “I don’t know Maria very well…she was very friendly and outgoing”

Sgt. Slaughter = “I love Sarge…he’s a softy at heart”

Randy Orton = “He’s a big kid…he & I got along really well” and she also tells a really funny story about when she was visiting with the WWE a few weeks ago during their show in San Antonio. She said hi to Randy and he ignored her, and when he saw her again, he apologized & explained that he thought she was Amy.

Christy Hemme = “Fiery…super energetic”

Stephanie McMahon = “When she walks in a room, she just has a commanding presence…I really admire her…she’s pretty amazing”

Michelle McCool = “Really athletic…she works really hard”

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