The following are highlights of a new Johnny Mundo interview:

On Lucha Underground rivalries that define him: “I think there’s a couple of rivalries that define Lucha Underground. Me and Puma is one, me and Alberto El Patron is… something that I always wish that I could have done in WWE, and now it’s happening in Lucha Underground.”

On having more creative freedom than ever before: “The shackles are off is a good way of putting it. A lot of times people feel handcuffed on the road with WWE, because you can only do so much, and there’s no handcuffs there’s no shackles in Lucha Underground. Me and Alberto have the opportunity to paint whatever we want on the canvas with no restrictions.”

On working alongside UFC star and one-time TNA performer Quinton “Rampage” Jackson: “I really believe that wrestling is about the crowd and the person. The promotion provides a canvas for the wrestler to create entertainment. The same thing with fighting. Fighting is about two fighters and the people watching the fight. It sucks that promotions take so much money from the fighters and the wrestlers. It’s important to have good production behind you to support the vision and showcase what you’re doing in the correct light… but for that matter like f#%@ Bellator and f#%@ UFC and f#%@ every promotion because I think they take way too much from the fighters and the wrestlers.”

Check out the complete interview below.

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