Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry on his official website, talking about what match should close WrestleMania XXIV. Below is the first part of the blog, to read it in its entirety, click the link below:

– Wrestlemania 24 is upon us and with the card finalized, as best I know, what will the line-up be for the WWE’s biggest event of the year? The big question, or is it, is what bout will close the show this year?

– Theoretically, 4 matches would seem to be candidates to go on last, but one has to surmise that only two bouts, the WWE Title Bout or the World’s Heavyweight Title Bout, has any viable shot at occupying the all important show closing spot at WM24.

– In today’s television wrestling world, the match that starts Wrestlemania is also a key selection which is a change from years gone by. In the early days of pay per view wrestling events, the show build slowly throughout the night to the main event’s crescendo. These days that theory is considered outdated which translates that if a main event bout doesn’t go on last it doesn’t mean that attraction is being dissed. If I was making a suggestion on what match opens the show I would suggest the Money in the Bank Ladder Match which might see all 3 announce teams broadcasting the contest as last year which, as the Royal Rumble proved, can be feast or famine.

– The Mayweather vs. Big Show, boxer vs. wrestler (I assume that’s the match format) contest has gotten its fair share of press and one might make an argument to close WM24 with this bout and not put either major title bout on last. This school of thought would be, at best, a long shot, but I will say that the unpredictable nature of how this match will evolve does have my curiosity aroused. This physical mismatch could be a train-wreck, a riot, a “what the hell have I gotten myself into” matter or a little of all the aforementioned schools of thought. I see this match more realistically being held in the second half of the show.

– It is hard to debate that the most emotional match at WM24 will not be the Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels contest where, if Flair loses, then his in ring wrestling career becomes an instant and lasting memory. I still stand by the idea that Flair losing is far from automatic but if Ric does wrestle his last match at WM24 what ever piece of business that follows it will have one helluva chore. From a personal perspective, if this “Naitch-HBK” saga had taken a different turn or two in its build, I could make a better argument for this one to close ‘Mania and, selfishly, I still could, but it won’t happen. Back to what follows this match, one might suggest that it be perhaps the Bunny Mania bout or the 24 man battle royal. On another year, the introduction of the WWE Hall of Famers might fit well after Flair vs. Michaels, but with Ric being the focal point of the WWE Hall of Fame this year that doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Click here for JR’s full blog which talks about Undertaker vs. Edge, the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, and more.

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