Jim Ross has updated the blog section of his official website. Below are excerpts concerning tonight’s SummerSlam pay-per view event.

On tonight’s SummerSlam: “The event is essentially a three match show featuring Kane defending the World Title against perennial underdog Rey Mysterio, new and still developing star Sheamus putting his WWE Title at stake against Randy Orton who seems poised to take another step up the ladder, and Team WWE (actually Team RAW) lead by Captain John Cena against the rookie faction known as Nexus in a 7 man, elimination tag bout.”

On WWE’s apparent youth movement: “When was the last time SEVEN ROOKIES were positioned to headline a major, or even a secondary, WWE PPV? I certainly can’t recall because I think that this is a first. This is a solid example that WWE is trying to get younger, fresher, and create new stars which, as I have written about extensively here, is a must within the wrestling biz.”

On which match he expects to close SummerSlam: “The 7 man elimination tag has a Wrestlemania- like feel, IE it’s been built for a long period of time, and has some of the properties of a Survivor Series contest, the elimination facet of the bout, all at WWE’s most important event of the summer. That’s why I think that this match will close the show. Certainly the way this matter was left on Monday Night Raw was compelling TV and seems to warrant the show closing position.

His blog can be read here.

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