WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog at JRsBarBQ.com .. Here’s what JR said about:

Ric Flair’s Domestic Violence Situation: Sorry to hear of the firestorm that my pal Ric Flair found himself in Sunday night. “Naitch” and I have been friends for over a quarter of a century and I choose to remain steadfastly behind him. We don’t know all the details of this unfortunate matter nor do we need to know all the details. What we all should do is to hope that this matter is resolved to everyone’s happiness and all involved parties can proceed with their lives.

Wendi Richter’s Hall of Fame Induction: Congrats to Wendi Richter for her HOF announcement. If my memory serves me correctly, as a young lady Wendi lived in Louisiana and was a big time Mid South Wrestling fan. As the story goes, or so I’ve been told, she approached Mid South’s Grizzly Smith about breaking into the biz as a teen and he encouraged her to finish her formal education before Wendi finally went to train with Lillian (The Fabulous Moolah) Ellison in South Carolina. Nonetheless I’m happy for Wendi and was pleasantly surprised when her named was called.

Frank Mir Saying He Wants To Kill Brock Lesnar: “UFC’s Frank Mir made some alarmingly strong and controversial comments on the popular, Mark Madden radio show in Pittsburgh recently about wanting to see Brock Lesnar ‘die inside the Octagon’ seemingly and preferably at Mir’s hands. Frank Mir is a badass who is a driven man but he may want to start thinking before he begins talking. I think Mir is a compelling, sports figure who is obviously obsessed with mangling Brock Lesnar but it’s not Brock Lesnar that Mir is fighting soon. Paging Shane Carwin.

* AUDIO: Frank Mir Says He Hates Brock Lesnar & Wants Him To Die In The Octagon (WTF?!)

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