The following are highlights of the latest blog by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On his interview with Dixie Carter: “Had a great conversation with Dixie Carter Tuesday night for next week’s podcast that drops on Tuesday January 6 on Dixie answered all my questions and there were plenty of them in the hour plus conversation. Impact Wrestling debuts the first week of January on Destination America. We addressed Vince Russo, Bobby Lashley, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Mike Tenay the upcoming NYC TV tapings, and she touched on how her company was going to essentially be re-branded. I hope that they succeed and I’m anxious to watch their first show which will also be the debut of Josh Mathews and Taz as the new broadcast team. This is a really good show and I hope that you will join us as always as a new show drops every Tuesday night at 9 pm ET.”

On Wrestle Kingdom 9 possibly being his last big wrestling announcing job: “I certainly don’t want to sound like an endless amount of wrestlers who retire multiple times but the simple truth of my broadcasting assignment this Sunday is that it well could well my last one. I have no wrestling broadcast gigs booked after this Sunday and unless something comes along that i can’t pass on Sunday could easily be the last major PPV for which I ever provide play by play. I’m not against doing the occasional wrestling show but it’s going to take something special to get me out of Oklahoma on a regular basis.”

On Daniel Bryan: “Big question for WWE is, can they get Daniel Bryan back to the level that he was prior to his medial issues? It’s certainly doable but will need careful strategizing. Funny how getting one specific talent back on TV makes the entire presentation have a somewhat different feel. Hopefully, the WM31 money bouts are on paper in pencil, at worst, because the key to building a successful WrestleMania or any major event is the proverbial build that creates viable anticipation for the fans. Some creative types out work themselves by doing all they can to make a major card unpredictable when that isn’t necessary whatsoever. Making a card logical is the key and then save your surprises for the endings of the matches.”

On Kurt Angle re-signing with TNA: “Smart move by TNA to re-sign Kurt Angle and if they utilize Kurt properly, he will remain a significant asset. By properly, I mean wrestling occasionally and only at significant events in main event level matches. Kurt has reached the “attraction” stage of his career and there is no reason to look at him as a “regular” talent any longer. Via creative booking, Kurt can provide the necessary “rub” that older stars should do for the younger talents who are going to be counted on as future, main eventers. That “rub” doesn’t have to be physical either.”

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