In anticipation of his debut tonight on ROH on HDNet (8pm), Jim Cornette has written a commentary, or contract, with all of the fans who “want their wrestling back.” Here is some of what he wrote:

“So I make this agreement, this contract, with all the wrestling fans who want an alternative, who “want their wrestling back.” I don’t care if you’re a young fan who has never seen serious pro wrestling, or an older fan who has gone away because you gave up hope, ROH is new style with old school philosophy. I am committing myself to ROH, putting my reputation and credibility where my mouth is. I am not a “big name” taking a payoff to endorse something I don’t believe in. I will not forsake ROH if or when a better offer comes along to reenter the “sports entertainment” cesspool. I truly believe Ring of Honor IS “the wrestling of the future” – and the future is NOW!

“I make this pledge as my end of the contract – in return, I ask all the fans who want an alternative, who want their wrestling back, to support ROH as well. Watch the TV on HDNet – attend live events in your area – check out the DVD’s, go to their website, – and most importantly, spread the word to your fellow fans, current AND disenfranchised. Just as ROH is bigger and better than it was three years ago, it’s not nearly what it will be in 6 months, or a year, or two years, and you can keep track of, even be responsible for, its progress.

“ROH is a company that will listen to, not scoff at, its fans’ requests. But it needs your support, because NO promotion can thrive without the fans. Want your wrestling back? We want to give it to you! That’s why I make this contract with you. I will not forsake you again. Don’t forsake Ring of Honor. If you will us your support, your attention, your dedication, I pledge to you that we will not let you down.”

You can read his commentary in its entirety at the following link.

Also, here are two videos for tonight’s ROH On HDNet show:

Steen/Generico vs The Briscoe Brothers

Cornette’s promo before tonight’s show.

For more info on tonight’s show – and

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