— Jesse Neal is now claiming on Twitter that he never said he received food stamps.

“I’m only gonna say this once,” he wrote on Sunday. “I never said that I myself recieves food stamps, so wrestling fans get back to being a fan and stay out of our personal lives. If you are gonna follow then read it carefully and get it right. I have never received food stamps. Ok that’s it.”

He added yesterday, “Just to clarify there will be NO food stamps coming to me! Thanks for all ur guys concern, everything is great with TNA and I will be back soon.”

Neal sent a Twitter message last week to his live-in girlfriend, independent wrestler Christina Von Eerie, expressing how glad he was that they now qualify for food stamps. The message has since been deleted.

— Impact Wrestling has launched Facebook and Twitter accounts for Australia.

— A replay of last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling will air tonight on Spike at 9:00 p.m.

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