Part of the reason that Kramer says she’s not willing to compromise on time with Jace and Jolie is due to the fact they are in such formative stages of their lives.

“[Jace is] starting to eat now, which is really fun. We’re tapping into that,” she says of her son. “But it’s also really sad. This is most likely my last time ever having a baby, and I’m just really embracing every second of it.”

“Last night, for example, he wasn’t feeling good in the middle of the night, and I went into his room and I should’ve put him down in a couple of minutes, but he was so sweet,” Kramer continues. “I held him for about an hour and a half because I know I’m not going to have these moments coming up soon so I want to embrace it.”

Though those moments are little different with Jolie, as she is two years older than her brother, Kramer says she’s still soaking up every minute with her “three-nager.”

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“It’s been really fun because, at the beginning of 3, she definitely had everything. She was definitely the three-nager that I was warned about,” Kramer jokes. “But what’s been so cool [is] I’ve now embraced that, and I’m talking to her on her level.”

“When she’s freaking out, I’ll get down on her level and be like, ‘You know what? It’s okay. It’s okay to be sad that you can’t have your unicorn on the dinner table. I would be sad, too,’” Kramer explains. “It’s just talking to them because there are new feelings and emotions — they’re just figuring all of this out.”

Adds Kramer of her daughter: “Also with her brother, she’s so gentle with him. I think that’s really sweet for that to happen, too. To be like, ‘Look how sweet you are with your brother’ and to be that big sister.”

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In February 2016, Kramer and Caussin welcomed Jolie. Seven months later, the country singer learned that her husband had repeatedly been unfaithful.

Following the news, Kramer and the former NFL tight end announced they were taking a break. Caussin subsequently entered a rehabilitation facility for sex addiction and this summer will mark three years since he first sought treatment.

The pair were separated for some time, but reconciled and renewed their vows in December 2017, then Kramer suffered a miscarriage shortly thereafter. In November 2018, Kramer and Caussin welcomed their second child together.

Throughout their bumpy journey, Kramer and Caussin have remained transparent about the marital struggles on their joint podcast and the ways in which they’ve learned from the experience.

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Now, in just a few weeks, Caussin will celebrate his first Father’s Day as a dad of two kids in their new home in Nashville — a moment that feels particularly special for Kramer.

“Father’s Day will be lots of unpacking boxes [from moving], and I think the cool thing about that is we are moving into our house that we built together,” Kramer tells PEOPLE.

“It’s a silver lining of everything we went through to be like, ‘Wow, look at us now. We’re back in Nashville, we’re better than ever, and we just built our dream home that we’re gonna raise our kids in’” she adds.

“I think that’s the best Father’s Day to look forward to,” Kramer says. “We’re so pumped.”

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