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When you’re gauging the spectrum of what it takes to be considered a “dream match” there are varying degrees of criteria you can judge by. Therefore, in the simplest terms of the phrase James Ellsworth vs Gillberg is certainly a match people have often speculated about but didn’t know if it could ever happen which could fit it into the category of being a dream match.
The Goldberg impersonator picked up the IWC High Stakes Title in rather controversial fashion as you can see in the video below. But nobody counted on James Ellsworth showing up to challenge Gillberg for the title afterward.

It all went down on Saturday night and it looks like James Ellsworth has a new title to carry around along with his Intergender Championship.

@realellsworth wins the @IWCwrestling High Stakes Title def Gillberg!
— Who rules? Kelly~duh (@clarksonrulez) March 18, 2018

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