On Thursday evening, GFW held their “Victory Road 2017” special edition of Impact Wrestling on Pop TV. Featured below are complete results of the show. The report comes from F4WOnline.com.


X Division Champion Trevor Lee (w/ Caleb Konley) defeated Petey Williams to retain his title

Williams was in control early and connected with a hurricanrana to the floor, then Konley interfered and Lee took over. Williams made a comeback and set up for the Canadian Destroyer, but Konley interfered again.

Williams took out Konley with a dive and hit the Destroyer on Lee, but Konley pulled the referee out. The ref sent Konley to the back. Lee and Williams traded near falls until Lee hit the double stomp for the win.

– At the LAX Clubhouse, Konnan made plans for a celebration after LAX retains their titles against OVE later.

Sienna, Taryn Terrell & Taya Valkyrie defeated Gail Kim, Allie & Rosemary

The faces ran wild early and cleared the heels from the ring. Kim then missed a charge in the corner and the heels triple teamed her.

Allie was able to get the hot tag and went after Terrell. She and Rosemary used a code breaker/German suplex combination. Kim dove onto Valkyrie on the floor, but Sienna snuck up on Allie and rolled her up for the win.

– Grado and Joseph Park met for dinner to celebrate Grado’s first paycheck. Park couldn’t stay and left. Grado seemed disappointed by the amount he got paid.

– James Storm came down to the ring. He is sick of AAA wrestlers coming to GFW and showing no respect. This brought out Texano and the crowd chanted USA. Storm stopped them because this isn’t about USA vs. Mexico. Storm then promised to kick his “Taco Bell ass” and send him back to Mexico.

A brawl broke out and El Hijo Del Fantasma joined in to beat down Storm. Fantasma said that he does respect GFW, but AAA is the best company in the world. They teased hitting him with the beer bottle when Ethan Carter III ran out for the save. After the brawl, Storm and EC3 shook hands.

Storm and EC3 charged into Jim Cornette’s office and demanded a tag match against AAA next week and Cornette agreed.

– Episode three of Global Forged aired next. Scott D’Amore called the three finalists telling them they’ve been selected and are moving to Windsor, Ontario for phase two.

OVE defeated LAX (w/ Konnan & Diamante) to win the GFW Global Tag Team Championship

OVE jumped LAX to start the match and the teams brawled around ringside. LAX gained the advantage and isolated Dave Crist. Konnan and Diamante attacked Dave on the floor.

Back in the ring, Jake Crist got the hot tag and scored a near fall after a slam in the corner. In a crazy spot, Dave gave Santana a superplex into a powerbomb by Jake. LAX set up for the Street Sweeper, but Jake shoved Santana off the top. Dave gave a DDT to Ortiz to win the tag titles.

– At American Top Team, Bobby Lashley sparred with King Mo. ATT all welcomed Lashley back to the gym. Dan Lambert showed up and praised Lashley. He called Impact a circus and promised great things for Lashley. Lambert was excellent in his role here.

GFW Global Champion Eli Drake (w/ Chris Adonis) defeated Johnny Impact to retain his title

Impact had the early advantage and sent Drake to the floor. Adonis tried to interfere, but Brian Hebner kicked him out. Drake took over until Impact fought back and scored a close near fall after hitting a one-man Spanish fly.

Drake charged at Impact, but he moved and nailed Hebner instead. Impact got the phantom three count, but there was no ref. Drake used the title belt for another close near fall when a second ref came out. Drake was upset at the referee and knocked him out.

Adonis came back out and helped Drake beat down Impact, but Drake accidentally hit Adonis with the belt. Impact made a comeback until Drake used a low blow and hit the Gravy Train to win the match.

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Drake and Adonis continued the beatdown after until Garza Jr. ran out for the save. Suddenly, LAX ran out and attacked everyone. A fan got in Konnan’s face and he shoved him down.

Drake celebrated his win standing over Impact to end the show.

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