This week’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling begins backstage as we are welcomed to The Thanksgiving Episode of IMPACT Wrestling. Fallah Bahh & Eli Drake are introduced as the opposing team captains for The Gravy Train Turkey Trot Match for later in the show. Eli Drake rambles on about his greatness and about how he was the innovator of The Gravy Train Turkey Trout Match. A video package is shown highlighting The Gravy Train Turkey Trot Match from the previous year, where Christopher Adonis was forced to wear the turkey suit.

Last year it was @ChrisAdonis that suffered the cruel turkey suit fate. #IMPACTonPop #ThanksgivingFlashback
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) November 23, 2018

Returning backstage, Fallah Bahh chooses the first member of his team: Ironically, it’s KM. They exchange some words about the food they are excited about eating for dinner. KM then re-focuses on Bahh and tells him that tonight is all about teamwork.

Back from the commercial break and we watch as Eli Drake chooses his first teammate. He has chosen none other Katarina. She greets Eli and assures him that she will be taking care of business in The Gravy Train Turkey Trout Match for later on in the show.
They show another IMPACT flashback and this time it’s The Triple Threat Match between Chris Sabin, AJ Styles & Samoa Joe from The First-Ever Turkey Bowl. Samoa Joe reigns victorious at the conclusion of the match and AJ Styles is forced to wear the turkey suit.

The most phenomenal turkey you’ll ever see in your life. #IMPACTonPop #ThanksgivingFlashback
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) November 23, 2018

Once again backstage, Fallah Bahh & KM choose their 2nd teammate. Their teammate is none other than Kikutaro sporting his pink mask.

.@kikutarosan is here! And he’s joined @FALLAH1‘s team! #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) November 23, 2018

Back from the commercial break and Scarlett Bordeaux has arrived in The IMPACT Zone with an entourage of “Sexxy Show” dancers performing for The Vegas audience.

Oh my god… @Lady_Scarlett13 and the cast of @sexxyshow are here and they’re putting on a show. #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) November 23, 2018

In the backstage area, Eli Drake chooses Jake Crist as his 2nd teammate. oVe follows behind Crist and Sami tells him that, if he were to lose the match and wear the turkey suit, he can only have onions at The oVe Thanksgiving dinner. They’re gonna eat everything else.
A video package is shown of various IMPACT Wrestling Stars mentioning what they are thankful for.
Fallah Bahh & KM are backstage choosing their next member and it’s none other than Dezmond Xavier. There is some confusion at first about what team Dezmond is fighting for, but he ends up on the same page as KM & Bahh.

.@DezmondXavier doesn’t seem to 100% get what’s going on but he’s the next member of @FALLAH1‘s team. #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) November 23, 2018

We are back from the commercial break and Eli Drake is ready to choose his 3rd teammate. It’s none other than Rohit Raju with The Desi Hit Squad following close behind him. Gama Singh and company tells Drake that they are guaranteeing victory.
Another video package of IMPACT Wrestling Stars is shown and this time they are talking about what their favorite Thanksgiving memory is.
Fallah Bahh & KM choose their 4th and final team member and it is none other than Alisha Edwards. Bahh & KM ask Alisha if she can handle her own against Katarina, to which she responds, “I’m always ready for a fight!” They try to joke around with her but she is not having any of it.

.@MrsAIPAlisha is ready for a fight on @FALLAH1‘s team on Thanksgiving. #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) November 23, 2018

Back from the commercial break and Eli Drake spins the roulette and chooses his final teammate and it is none other than Glenn Gilbertti, who is also known as The Disco Inferno. Glenn says that they need to use CGI to defeat Fallah Bahh, that way he can marry Scarlett Bordeaux. Drake doesn’t know how to respond and instead, pours a drink.
A video package is shown advertising the return of The Ultimate X Match at Homecoming on January 6th. Glenn Gilbertti goes on a rant about how he was the creator of The Ultimate X Match and not Don Callis.

Ultimate X is back!
The death-defying high wire spectacle known as Ultimate X will return for the first time in over a year and a half to crown a new X-Division Champion on January 6th at Homecoming! #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) November 23, 2018

Another video package is shown and this time it documents the history of “option c” and confirming that “The Machine” Brian Cage & IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Johnny Impact will go one-on-one for The IMPACT Wrestling World Heavyweight Title at Homecoming.
Back from the commercial break and we see Eli Drake and his teammates getting hyped up for The Gravy Train Turkey Trot Match coming up. Each member has an opportunity to promote themselves and encourage a few giggles. Scarlett Bordeaux shows up in a pilgrim costume and says that she will be scouting for talent.

What better motivation for @TheEliDrake and company than the fact that @Lady_Scarlett13 will be scouting! #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) November 23, 2018

We are now watching as Fallah Bahh’s team prepares for the match, with Fallah continuously saying “Bahh” as though it were strategy. KM translates and tells Kikutaro that he needs to stop being a Japanese funny man and he needs to fight. KM then translates for Dezmond and tells him that they need to fight as a team and win as a team. KM then translates for Alisha and simply says, ‘Plymouth Rock’ – the punchline from the joke he made earlier. Alisha guarantees that Katarina is returning to England in a turkey suit.
Glenn Gilbertti/Disco Inferno, Rohit Raju, Katarina, Jake Crist & Eli Drake vs. Fallah Bahh, KM, Dezmond Xavier, Kikutaro & Alisha Edwards (Gravy Train Turkey Trot Match):

Gotta respect the turkey suit acknowledging how much of a jam The Desi Hit Squad theme is. #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) November 23, 2018

We return from commercial with each member of the teams making an oath to wear the turkey suit if they were to lose. Katarina and Alisha Edwards begin the match, with Katarina quickly taking Alisha down. Edwards returns with a spinning hurricanrana on Katarina followed up with a tackle into the corner turnbuckle. A series of reversals in the opposite corner results in Alisha school-boying Katarina for a two count. Katarina responds with a samoan drop and a two count of her own. Katarina attempts to deliver a vertical suplex but Alisha reverses and locks in an inside cradle, getting a close 2 count. Alisha hits a series of kicks on Katarina. Katarina falls face first toward the 2nd rope, which allows Alisha to bounce her full body weight off of Katarina. Jake Crist and Kikutaro get tagged in, with Kikutaro using a headlock and bouncing Crist off the ropes, but neither men fall down as they collide. Another series of reversals leads to Kikutaro playfully tapping Crist’s head with his shoe. Kikutaro taunts Jake and delivers a deep arm drag. Kikutaro tags in Xavier but Jake Crist reverses a wrist lock and tags in Eli Drake. Xavier with another deep arm drag and a shoulder hold on Eli Drake. Drake gets back to a standing position and knees Xavier right in the abdomen. Xavier climbs to the top rope and attempts a standing switch cross body but Eli catches him. Xavier uses a sunset flip for a close 2 count on Drake. Drake uses a huge press gutbuster move for another close 2 count. Rohit Raju is tagged in and he keeps Xavier in the corner with multiple strikes. Xavier uses his speed to fight his way out of the corner and tag in Fallah Bahh.

Incredible power by @TheEliDrake as he throws @DezmondXavier around. #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) November 23, 2018

Bahh hits some abdomen strikes on Rohit in his respective corner. Rohit tries to fight back but ends up face first on the mat, with Fallah’s big leg drop coming down on him. Rohit is in the corner with Gama Singh but Fallah catches Gama and strangles him, allowing Rohit to dropkick the back of Fallah’s knee and gain the advantage. Gilbertti tags in and hits a few strikes on Fallah before tagging in Eli Drake. Drake throws Bahh into the corner and continues the strikes before he tags Disco Inferno back in. Bahh still reverses both men with big boots and a double cross body attack. Fallah tags in KM and he comes in hot, hitting clotheslines and kicks on everybody in sight. KM throws Rohit from one corner into the opposite corner of the ring. He connect with a figure-four headlock and it encourages everyone to create a figure-four headlock train. Fallah uses his momentum to turn the train around and does some sort of centipede boston crab. Scarlett Bordeaux appears on the ramp and does a lap around the ring, causing everyone to get distracted.

.@FALLAH1 with a centipede Boston Crab! #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) November 23, 2018

Back from the commercial break and Drake is in control of Kikutaro. Kikutaro attempts to regain momentum but gets hit with boots and elbows in his attempts. Drake uses the referee to distract Kikutaro and deliver a huge swinging neckbreaker on Kikutaro. Jake Crist comes in and savagely attacks Kikutaro. He tags Drake back in (who’s now wearing Scarlett’s bonnet) and Eli continues stomping on a downed Kikutaro. Drake tags in Rohit and he continues the pressure, stomping and striking at the fallen Kikutaro. Kikutaro tries to fight out of Rohit’s holds but Rohit keeps the pressure on Kikutaro. As he’s holding his extended leg, Kikutaro connects with an enziguri and tags in Dezmond Xavier. Xavier rushes in and picks up the pace with various strikes, a headlock takeover and a dropkick to the back of a sitting Rohit. Crist comes in but Xavier gets the best of him and connects with a leg lariat and a X-1-9 in the corner to Dave Crist. Xavier doesn’t stop there as he takes out the other members of oVe. After taking out the other Singh’s, Xavier hits a huge corkscrew helio flip to the outside on to multiple people. Fallah Bahh climbs to the top rope and bowls down everyone on the outside.

AMAZING dive by @DezmondXavier. #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) November 23, 2018

Back inside the ring, Alisha nearly gets the three count on Katarina after a crossbody attack. Alisha with forearms and a spinning lariat. Katarina reverses but is still hit with an S-T-O. Katarina pulls Alisha out of the ring as Disco Inferno and KM continue battling in the ring. With Inferno laid out, Bahh & KM both steam roll over him. Kikutaro, Dezmond Xavier & Alisha Edwards also roll over Kikutaro. And the referee too. Drake’s team begins to take back control. In the center of the ring, Inferno hits a side russian leg sweep and attempts an elbow drop on Fallah. He misses and receives a corner clothesline for his trouble. Fallah uses his sitting splash for the 1-2-3. Winners: Fallah Bahh, KM, Dezmond Xavier & Alisha Edwards

.@FALLAH1 squashes @TheRealDisco. #IMPACTonPop
— IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) November 23, 2018

After the match, Glenn Gilbertti fights it with all his might but Scarlett convinces him to wear the turkey suit. IMPACT Wrestling goes off the air.

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