sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter,

— It has been speculated that Awesome Kong’s associate that debuted at Final Resolution wearing a burkha is none other than indy wrestler Melissa Anderson a.k.a. Cheerleader Melissa. It has been confirmed that the person underneath the burkha is indeed Anderson. She is from All Pro Wrestling out of California. Anderson’s role in TNA will be to cut promos for Kong during her heel title run, not to mention interfere in matches. Anderson wasn’t TNA’s first pick for the managerial role as they originally wanted James Mitchell to fill in as Kong’s manager. The reason they didn’t go with him is because Spike has a ruling on no female-on-male violence and he wouldn’t be able to interfere in the women’s matches.

— There is said to be some backstage heat on Johnny Devine. Devine’s got some heat because he’s been kicking out of match finishes at the three count, complaining about various things and “acting like a veteran.”

— It’s stating the obvious, but the story on Shelly Martinez’ name change is that they wanted a Hispanic sounding name for her due to her association with LAX, hence the name “Salinas.”

See pics of Awesome Kong’s associate wrestling in a WWE ring

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