We reported earlier this week that Eric Bischoff recently received a promotion in TNA and is now the executive producer of TNA programming. Aside from overseeing the production of TNA programming, Bischoff also serves as the point-man between TNA Wrestling and Spike TV.

In another sign that the Bischoff-Hogan regime is on solid ground in TNA, Hulk Hogan is now claiming that he took control of TNA’s creative process three weeks ago.

Hogan had an online exchange this week with former WWE superstar Kizarny, who was asking Hogan why he never got a job opportunity in TNA. Hogan responded:

“@SiNNbODHi just took over creative 3weeks ago,shoot. Now I understand why nobody is using you HH”

Update: A TNA source we contacted this week was unaware about any formal shakeups with the TNA creative team, so for now, it’s just Hogan’s word on this.

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(Source: Twitter.com/HulkHogan4Real)

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