— Andrew Martin has not endeared himself to the TNA locker room at all since his arrival to TNA a few weeks ago. He rubbed many people the wrong way in his first week in the company with his “I’m a big WWE star” attitude.

— Vito was backstage at Sunday’s TNA PPV and said to be “surgically attached” to Vince Russo’s hip all night. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see him land a job with TNA in the near future. They’ve been friends dating all the way back to the early 90s. Also, Vito appeared on the online radio show “BWR Online” and revealed that he has been dating actress Marissa Tomei. Tomei can be seen in the new movie Wild Hogs. Check out the full interview at

— The company clamped down on all media interviews last week. The talent was not allowed to talk to any media at the shows unless Steven Godfrey or Ross Forman of public relations accompanied them.

— In regard to some disparaging comments Matt Bentley made about TNA on the “Between the Ropes” online radio show, one TNA performer said, “You have to put it in perspective. This is a guy who wanted $2,500 a shot.”

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