Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt are set to have an intriguing feud to say the least, especially with the recent debut of Matt’s “Woken” gimmick in WWE. Fans have wanted to see a feud between the two men ever since Hardy was doing his “Broken” gimmick in Impact Wrestling one year ago. Cageside Seats now reports that a match between the two will be taking place, and it could possibly be filmed at the Wyatt Family Compound. The compound site was first used on Raw last year during a match between the Wyatt Family and The New Day. With all of the creative and exciting elements involving Hardy and Wyatt’s character, this is one match to pay attention to as it develops.
It’s definitely not uncommon to hear about some interesting storylines that were pitched or planned to take place in WWE, but this one could be one of the strangest ones yet. When former writer for WWE Tom Casiello appeared on a recent edition of The Agenda Podcast, he discussed his time working for WWE and shared some behind the scenes stories as well. Fans may remember former WWE Superstar Kaitlyn from a few years ago. Kaitlyn joined WWE at the start of the decade and she wrestled for the company for a brief number of years. She even managed to win the Diva’s Championship on one occasion before leaving the company back in 2014. That may sound impressive, but her path in the company almost could have been completely different.
One topic discussed during the podcast was the current Women’s Revolution in WWE and how women work within the promotion. This led to Casiello eventually mentioning that an idea was pitched by members of the creative team to have Kaitlyn join the Wyatt Family. After losing the Diva’s title, Kaitlyn was left without a storyline, and this would have been when she would’ve joined Bray Wyatt, Harper, and Rowan in their group. It was not revealed whether or not she would have been portraying the mysterious Sister Abigail character that Bray Wyatt has been talking about in his promos for years now, but it is definitely possible that she could’ve been slotted for that role if the pitch hadn’t been shot down.

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